Rest API Intro Page

We already offer many integrations for various game engines and frameworks, but you might have your own solution that you would like to use – and that shouldn’t stop you from using GameAnalytics to measure your players.

Before you get started

Please read the following guidelines before you start your integration with the REST API.

Respect limits

Please make sure your game does not exceed the limits we’ve set;

  • No more than 100K unique event IDs per day. For instance: the hierarchy Area:Level:Action will produce count(Area)*count(Level)*count(Action) unique event IDs. We count the events received each day starting midnight UTC and we reset the count after 24 hours.
  • No more than 5000 dimension values in total
  • We suggest keeping to maximum 100 values per dimension. For instance: in the “build” dimension category you are allowed to send us maximum 100 build versions numbers which can be used to filter the data

Note: You may send an unlimited amount of times event X. Clones are not counted more than once for the 100k unique event IDs per day limit.

Get access

You can get access to the documentation – we kindly ask that you fill out a little bit of information about yourself and your integration.

Visit documentation