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Take the guesswork out of game design

Use A/B Testing to gain data-driven and actionable insights on how to improve your game.

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Grow your game revenue

Increase In-App Purchases and ad revenue faster by making smart changes. All based on accurate data.

Boost retention

Learn what your players love. Adjust your gameplay to keep them coming back for more.

Confirm your hunch

Having to guess? Run tests and see how different versions of your game changes the players‘ experience.

I use GameAnalytics daily to keep an eye on key KPIs for all of our titles. It’s an essential tool for games studios.


Gabriel Rivaud

VP of Games | Voodoo

Publishers of: Helix Jump, Dune,

GameAnalytics gives detailed insights about our players, including the many millions based in China.


Allison Bilas

COO | JoyPac

Publishers of: Skip School, Fluffy Fall, Master of Repair

GameAnalytics puts all of our KPIs in one place, and helps us to track design events and optimize our game flow.


Andy Sum

Co-Founder | Hipster Whale

Developers of: Crossy Road, Shooty Skies

We absolutely love GameAnalytics. The real-time metrics are a lifesaver for tracking our campaigns.


Matti Kallonen

CEO | Two Men and a Dog

Developers of: Zombie Catchers

Our continued success is dependent on GameAnalytics providing critical gaming KPIs at our fingertips.


Nate Barker

Director of BD | Fluffy Fairy Games

Developers of: Idle Minor Tycoon

We use GameAnalytics to get all the insight we need about our players on all platforms, from iOS to FB Instant.


Chris Benjaminsen

Founder | FRVR

Developers of: Hex FRVR, Basketball FRVR, Balloons FRVR

Lower the risk

Test your ideas first on a sample of players to avoid the negative impact of rolling out features.

Test like a scientist

Perform multiple tests. Measure statistical significance. And know that you are making the right changes to your game.

Optimize on the fly

Track progress of your experiments and measure results in real time.

Overview Dashboard

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Run your first experiment today

A/B test as many game design ideas for free till the end of 2020. But don‘t worry. From 2021 onwards, our free version will allow you to run a limited number of experiments per game.

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