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Joakim Achren

"Joakim Achrén is the CEO of Next Games. He specializes in mobile entertainment, metrics development for player acquisition, engagement and monetization and big data architectures.

dont make me think

Don’t make me think – Applied to game design

No matter how big and smart our brains are, we humans are still lazy when it comes to thinking. Joakim…

Combatting Churn: 10 Reasons Why Players Quit Your Game

Joakim Achrén, CEO at My Next Games company, has more tips to share in this guest post. Joakim rates the top ten reasons for which players tend to quit social games and also offers solutions to avoid each specific scenario. 

7 Tips To Prevent Your Game From Failing

This guest post features Joakim Achrén, CEO at My Next Games company and former Director of Analytics at Supercell. Joakim will share some of his hard-earned tips for ensuring a healthy and promising development process for your game.

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