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Making Casual Games in a COVID19 World – Post Webinar

2020 has been an odd year for gaming. But how exactly has it affected the market? And what should developers do to stay ahead of the game?

If you’ve missed our webinar, have a question for the speakers, or want to find the videos or links to the resources that our speakers mentioned, you’re in the right place. If you fancy the TL:DR version, head to our blog here.

Below you can find the webinar recordings and links to related resources and if you have any questions for the speakers or any feedback on our next webinars, use the form to the right and we will get your query to the right people.

Here are the recordings:

2020 Gaming KPIs in Review – GameAnalytics


Ioana Hreninciuc, CEO at GameAnalytics, presents insights on key metrics, including retention, ARPDAU, Session Length, CPI, and more.

Watch the recording 


Quarantined World: Reaching the At-Home Mobile Gamer


Stephanie Pilon, Global Director of Product & Field Marketing at Adjust, explains how to leverage your data and learn from proven marketing strategies to grow your game.

Watch the recording 


Adjusting your Monetisation Strategy to Different Markets


Harry Yang, CMO at TopOn, Explains how to develop an advertising strategy during COVID-19, and the advantages of ad mediation

Watch the recording 

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