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Data services for game teams

Build the data tools you need to drive your games’ success, with GameAnalytics.

Ready to fuel your growth with data?

We’ve made it quick & easy to build data tools that will help you grow from an indie team with a first successful title, to a regular chart-topper.


Metrics API

Now you can compare and analyze all your games at once by easily plugging GameAnalytics metrics into your internal tools.

Programmatically pull key metrics to build customized portfolio-level reports for your teams, from game design to UA & monetization.


Player Warehouse

Get access to device-level data in a standardized, ready-to-query format. Immediately use our Player Warehouse to build audience segments, data science models, or customized in-depth analysis of player behavior.

Save months of development time building SDKs, ETL pipelines, and storage platforms, while getting all the benefits of owning an industry-leading data warehouse. We handle the data, so you can focus on making games that players will love.

Account Automation Coming soon

Organization API

We’re currently working on an easy-to-use API for programmatically creating games, users, and invites in GameAnalytics. With the Organization API, managing your account at scale will be a piece of cake. Stay tuned!

Unlock the data in your games

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