Metrics API

Your gameplay KPIs, available on tap

Get key metrics from all your games with a single line of code, revealing the trends across your entire portfolio.

Use it your way

Reveal deeper truths about your business

Analyzing individual titles makes your games better; seeing key metrics in real-time across your portfolio pushes your entire business forward.

The practical stuff

Every game. Every tool. Every metric.

Your flexible solution to connect all of your player data to your own systems and tools. Tweak and compare metrics for specific genres, regions, timescales or player types. Unlock business-critical insights and layer predictive models over your metrics.

Prototype comparisons

See how your prototypes stack up. Effortlessly.

So you've just put several prototypes into soft launch and you want to know how they compare to the rest of your portfolio? Metrics API makes these comparisons easy, and enables optimisations with powerful A/B testing.

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