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Powerful features, built for game developers.

Get started with our core analytics tool for free, whether you're an indie or a studio. So if you want to get cracking, just download the SDK and start analyzing.

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KPI’s out of the box

Instant access to important KPIs by just adding the SDK.

Filter sliders

Multi-dimensional filtering

Dig deeper by specific builds, platforms, countries, levels, ads and more.

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Dedicated events

Track events for IAP, ads, levels, virtual currencies or use our custom events.

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Error reporting

View errors in realtime to quickly discover and fix critical bugs.

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Use our predefined dashboards or build your own.

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Mobile App

Get a real-time view of important KPIs. Anywhere.

We cover all major metrics

Bust some jargon

Get all the standard metrics you need to start improving your game.

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How much does someone play in a day? A key metric to measure engagement.

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Daily active users (DAU) is the most fundamental metric to keep an eye on every day.

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New users

To keep a game healthy and growing it needs a steady influx of new users.

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Retention shows a ratio of how many users are returning.

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IAP revenue

Track your In-app Purchase (IAP) revenue and filter by item type and item id.

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Track ad behavior and ad revenue to discover insights about your ads.

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Get to know our features

Explore Tool

View the symptoms. Find the cause.

Easily query all our supported metrics or run a deeper, custom investigation into your data by filtering with a number of dimensions.

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Watch your data now. Like, right now.

Our backend is in real time. So watch new players join or errors pop up as they happen. This is especially useful when integrating our SDKs.

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Style it to suit you

Create custom dashboards with widgets and different visualizations. Kick off from our predefined one or start your own from scratch.

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See which campaigns gave the best loot

Cohorts reveal how your players behave in the days after they install your game, at specific dates or weeks. Use them to see if that specific user acquisition campaign led to quality users.

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Follow the trail. Step by step.

Funnels let you define a list of actions that users need to do. The results can reveal problematic steps causing users to stop playing. (Useful to optimize your tutorial.)

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Keep track of where your players came from

Link up your attribution provider so you can filter your data better.

That’s not all

Change the game with GameOps

Our core Analytics is just the beginning. You can also get GameOps features (including A/B Testing) to change and optimize your game without rolling out a new build.

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