A game changer

Manage your gameplay experience, without needing to push out new builds. Spot the best changes to make and apply them instantly.

Optimize Remotely

React. Rollout. Revise. Reap the rewards.

Run A/B tests to find the most optimal changes and roll out any configuration remotely.

A test beaker

A/B testing

Remote configuration

Remote configs

A/B Testing

Got a hunch? Try it out.

Some users prefer blue while others prefer yellow. So what’s the best setting? Test multiple versions on a smaller segment of players and get to know which is the right choice.

Optimize ad metrics, retention, playtime, session count, and more.

Control group

Version: Button-Blue

Revenue: $200

Variant 1

Version: Button-Green

Revenue: $201.90 Up1%

Variant 2

Version: Button-Yellow

Revenue: $208.40 Up4%

Variant 3

Version: Button-Red

Revenue: $198.10 Down1%

A preview screenshot of A/B testing
A screenshot showing remote configs
Remote configs

Roll out changes at a snap of your fingers

Instantly change your game logic by sending remote configs (basically, any variable you like). Once you code your game to allow the changes, send the updates to your players. Without needing to release a patch.

What can I do?

  • Roll out a discovery you made through A/B Testing
  • Target users in a specific country, build or OS version
  • Set a config to switch on or off at a specific time

How should I use it?

  • Manage campaigns
  • Turn on holiday events or expansions
  • Change your ad frequency or game difficulty
  • Swap settings and campaigns for different regions
A screenshot showing remote config

Programmatic access

Tinker under the hood

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