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Jupiter Hadley

Jupiter Hadley

Content Creator at GameAnalytics

Fall Guys GamePlay

Everything You Can Learn From Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown is the game everyone is talking about. But why is it so successful? And what can you learn from it? Here’s what I found.

Battle Pass Cover

Designing battle passes in mobile games: the whats, whys, and hows

What is a battle pass? And how can you use them in your mobile game? I answer that, and more, in this post.

7 ways to optimize your mobile game on the app stores

Mobile gaming expert Jupiter Hadley spoke to four separate studios on what they think are the best strategies when competing on the app stores. Here’s what she learned.

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Making a puzzle game? Avoid these 5 common mistakes

What makes a great puzzle game? Better yet, what makes a bad puzzle game? In this post, Jupiter Hadley explores what common pitfuls developers should avoid when designing these games.

So you want to make an RPG game? Here’s what you should know

Mobile gaming expert, Jupiter Hadley, puts the RPG genre under the spotlight, and shares her best tips and advice when making your own.

Nine Tips when adding Social Elements to your Mobile Game

Mobile gaming expert, Jupiter Hadley, turns her attention to social games, and highlights nine lessons developers can learn when working on their own titles.

Five Key Lessons from Playing Five Hybrid Mobile Games

What makes a great hybrid mobile game? Industry specialist, Jupiter Hadley, plays and reviews five of the best hybrid games out there, and answers just that.

Purple Jam Interview: Lessons from making an Audio-only Game

I spoke to Purple Jam, the developers behind upcoming game Pitch Black, to find out what steps they took when making an audio-only game.

January Games Cover

Best Five F2P Games Launched in January

Kicking off the year, I've reviewed what were the best F2P games of January 2020, and how exactly these developers make money.

2019 Roundup: 5 Best Indie Games from December

After witnessing some brilliant titles coming out month after month, we wanted to round up 2019 with some of the best games released in December.

Screen grab of Wanna Survive

Five Exciting Indie Games Released in November

Another month, another review by indie game expert, Jupiter Hadley. As always, she cherry-picked five of her favourite indie games released the month before, and shared exactly why they have caught her eye.

Five Brilliant Indie Games Reviewed in October

Indie game expert, Jupiter Hadley is back. As usual, she's hand-picked her top five favourite indie games in October, and explained what made them stand out.