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Nikolaj Ahlberg-Pedersen

VP of Product at GameAnalytics

Ads Dashboard Cover

Our Ads Dashboard has arrived

Make the most of your in-game ads by seeing your data in our new dashboard. Improve your ads performance by answering the big questions.

Get better insights using our new Metrics API

Discover insights about your business. We’re launching the Metrics API so you can plug data from all your games into internal tools. Visualize, optimize and revolutionize your portfolio.

5 A/B tests to run during your soft launch

A detailed look at what A/B tests you can run and how to make the most of them during your soft launch, so you can create the best version of your game.

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Will GameAnalytics work in iOS 14? Yes, and this is why

Apple users will now be asked if they would like to allow or restrict data sharing per app. So what does this mean for GameAnalytics? Here's what you need to know.

Experiment using A/B Testing: now in GameAnalytics

A/B testing is finally here, and it's completely free for the rest of this year. Here's everything you should know before you start experimenting.

Introducing Organizations: Empowering New Functionality in 2020

We have some exciting new updates coming to the platform this year. The first major change you can expect is our new account management structure, 'Organizations'.

GameAnalytics Beta Update: New and Improved Filtering

GameAnalytics’ Head of Product, Nikolaj Ahlberg-Pedersen, shines a light on one of our upcoming features: Multidimensional Filtering and Advanced Splitting.

The Command Center – Turning Analytics into Action

Over the past several months we’ve been developing a powerful new feature: the Command Center.

Important Beta Update: GameAnalytics is Evolving!

GameAnalytics as you know it is about to go through some major changes. In this post we outline why we decided to rebuild our technology, along with the many improvements you can expect to see long term.