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Sarah Impey

Sarah Impey

Marketing Manager at GameAnalytics


Lessons from the 9 Best Mobile Games of 2019: Part Two

Simplicity is key. So learn how to improve your mobile game by exploring the best of 2019. The second of our three-part series, focused on casual games.

Bam, Splat, Kapow: How to use Sound Effects to bring your Mobile Game to Life

Mechanics, design, and what was the other one... Sound! A key element, but often overlooked. So here are some sound effects tips when making your mobile game.

Making Hit Idle Games Event – Homa Games, Kolibri & GameAnalytics

Whether you want to catch up on missed content, or are eager to relive the evening, we’ve recorded each talk from our latest event on making hit idle games.

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Apple Arcade: What This Really Means For Mobile Game Developers (Updated)

We look at the pro's and cons of Apple's latest subscription-based service, Apple Arcade, and what mobile game developers should look out for.

Using Music As A Core Mechanic: Insights from Amanotes

In this post, music gaming industry specialists, Amanotes, have shared their key steps and top tips that every developer should know when creating music mobile games.

4 Steps When Using Music To Support Game Narrative

Music in games really can enhance a players experience, when done right. But where do you start? Don’t worry – we've put together 4 key steps that any developer should follow.

A Game Developer’s Guide To Google Stadia

Google has recently shared some of the top updates about their new product, Google Stadia. But what does this mean for mobile game developers?

Studio Spotlight: Lessons From Goodgame Studios

We've spoken to Oleg Savschouk, Goodgame Studios' newly appointed CEO, to learn their key challenges and top tips that any game dev should know when launching mobile games.

Gaming Subscription Feature Image

Could A Subscription Model Work For Your Mobile Game?

Subscriptions models can be seen everywhere. But is it good for gaming? In this post, we look at the pros and cons of ditching the ads in favor of subscription-based gaming.

How To Conduct User Research In The Prototype Stage For Your Game

Testing ideas in the prototype stage is a vital step in your game's development. But what should you test? And who to? We answer just that...

Finding A Publishing Partner Vs Self Publishing – Everything You Need To Know

Publishing your mobile game? From DIY to partnerships, here’s a look at the two sides of the mobile game publishing coin.

2018 top games

8 Awesome Games Released in 2018

What were the top games launched over the past 12 months? And what made these titles stand out from the rest? We find out...