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Ad Revenue Data From Applovin MAX Now in GameAnalytics

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now get your ad revenue data from Applovin MAX in your GameAnalytics account.

A while ago, a bunch of you asked us to add Applovin MAX to the mix of ad networks we integrate with. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve crossed the finish line, and you can finally analyze your ad revenue from Applovin MAX in your GameAnalytics account. There’s now nothing stopping you from making more informed decisions around your monetization strategy.

That’s the biggest news in this update. So if you’re struggling to sit still and want to get started right away, then head to our docs here to grab the integration guide and go go go.

But if you fancy digging into the details, then read on.

What’s new in GameAnalytics

Including the news we mentioned above, here’s what’s changed in GameAnalytics and what you can expect to see next time you log in:

  • We’ve added support for impression-level revenue data (ILRD) from Applovin MAX. Which means you can now track your ad revenue metrics from MAX directly in the GameAnalytics tool. Including slicing and dicing all of your ad data in our Explore Tool.
  • Also, you can now see the most popular metrics related to ad revenue data, including MAX, in our Ads Dashboard. Recently, we gave it an uplift making it easier to view all your ILRD metrics. So if you’re using more than one ad network, you’ll get a unified view of all your ads data.

ad revenue data from max in gameanalytics

Why we made these changes

Ad revenue plays a huge role for any game developer looking to monetize their game. So it’s important that we make it as easy and accessible as possible for any developer to both track and optimize their ad revenue.

Throughout the past year, we’ve been integrating with more and more ad network providers to help studios skyrocket their monetization game. Many of our users requested ad revenue data from MAX, as it’s among the most popular providers. So when Applovin MAX added SDK support for ILRD, we decided to flip the switch and turn on reporting and tracking in GameAnalytics.

What does this mean for you?

  • This integration now makes it easier for you to see all of your game-related data in one place (by including ad revenue reporting from different ad network providers).
  • You can now analyze in detail the performance of your ads. For example, how much revenue per user you generated or whether your ads perform better in some regions over the others.
  • And you can test different variants using A/B Testing and see exactly how these impact the ad revenue (and optimize for player LTV).

What’s coming next?

  • Soon, you’ll have an option to save and share your queries in the Explore Tool with other users in your organization. This should boost the collaboration in your team and let you save some precious time.
  • We’re also working on integration with another ad network provider. In a while, you’ll be able to see and track ad revenue data from Aequus. (Quick update – we’ve now finished our integration with Aequus. Read the details here!) 

And that’s it for this product update. If you’d like us to add some other ad networks, have your say on our feedback portal. Or jump straight to the GameAnalytics tool to start analyzing your ad revenue (just don’t forget to integrate the SDKs first).

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