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Leaders in mobile attribution and performance measurement

Born at the heart of the mobile app economy and grown out of a passion for technology, Adjust's platform includes measurement, fraud prevention, cybersecurity and marketing automation products. Together, they make marketing simpler, smarter and more secure for over 35,000 apps.

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Make sense of the complicated user journey

Granular attribution for advanced campaign management

Discover your most valuable players and the channels that brought them to you. No matter where they come from - organic, social or paid campaigns, Adjust lets you plug into over 2000 partners around the world and filter your results into a single dashboard.

Delve into your most successful campaigns with four levels of granularity to find the path that drives the most success.

Optimize gameplay with robust in-app analytics

Learn how your gamers play with your app so you can deliver an exceptional experience. Do they trade their gold for the sword or the crossbow? How many friends did they invite?

With Adjust, you can discover hourly data trends and tie it back to the marketing channel your players came from, so you can gain a deeper understanding of your users and create winning campaigns that will resonate with them.

Maximize your CPMs, ROAS, and unlock new user groups with user level ad revenue tracking

Gain a complete overview of your ROI by tracking user-level ad revenue.

With Adjust, you can drill down to the user level for precise ROI and LTV calculations. And with this data, you can create lookalike audiences or target ad whales to maximize your ad spend.

​A simpler way to manage your campaigns

Make fast, actionable decisions with your marketing data

Save time from going in and out of several dashboards to analyze your marketing performance.

Adjust Automate unifies all your campaign data from Facebook, Google UAC, Snapchat, Twitter and Apple Search ads in a single dashboard that lets you optimize your bids and budgets in real time.

Spend less time optimizing and more time getting creative

Understanding who your best users are, where they come from, and how to address them requires time and creativity. Connect cost data to campaigns and compare performance across all your apps.

Start gaining a full overview of the scope of your ad spend and revenue data so you can fully automate the optimization process, and focus your resources on next steps.

Target and engage your best users with Audience Builder

Audience Builder gives you complete control over the data you share with your partners. Create custom segments based on your actual user data to use for retargeting or cross promotion.

Download segments with a click of a button to send targeted push or in-app messages, or upload lists to any retargeting partner without the need to share everything.

Safeguard your marketing budget, data, app experience and brand

Trust your campaign data with the Fraud Prevention Suite

The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite is the only solution that comprehensively and proactively prevents performance fraud from draining your budgets and ruining your data sets. Fraud doesn’t just represent stolen money, it also represents bad data that can lead to worse marketing decisions.

Adjust rejects mobile ad fraud in real time, protecting you against the most advanced types of fraud - like SDK spoofing, device farms, click spamming and click injection - so that you don’t have to worry about fraudsters looking to rob you blind.

The only MMP to address the growing bot problem

10% of in-app revenue is lost to bots. Adjust provides an individually tailored machine learning model based on real user behavior by collecting sensor data to detect in-app bots at scale.

Rely on industry-leading data security

Data privacy – it’s important to us, and we know it’s important to you, too. That’s why we believe in following the strictest data privacy laws in the world and passed rigorous criteria to earn the ePrivacy seal. Adjust is built with your security in mind.

Coda: Using benchmark data to improve their game

Coda game developers use Adjust Automate to scale effectively as a business

  • Coda built scalable automation with Adjust so their developers could focus on user acquisition and creative optimization.
  • Without the Adjust tools, their teams would not have the time to invest in creatives, which make or break the success of an app.
  • Within the next 12-18 months, Coda will be pushing hundreds of games into the market and they’ll be testing thousands of games - and the only way to truly scale this is through automation.
  • Coda is now focusing on building a strong rule set with Adjust Automate and Control Center that takes 90% of their manual tasks to machines.

Watch this video case study and read an interview with Coda on AdExchanger.

Netmarble: How to get 2 million downloads in 3 months

Netmarble used Adjust trackers and cohort analysis to run their biggest rollout

  • Netmarble Turkey creatively used Adjust trackers for their social, TV, and mobile rollouts.
  • Tracked performance using Adjust cohorts.
  • 60,000 installs in two days.
  • 2 million downloads of Netmarble apps in less than 3 months.
  • 82% decrease in CPI due to diversified media reach

Read full case study here.

MyTona: No more free lunches

MyTona leveraged Adjust Protect to stop fraudsters from stealing ad money and messing up their data sets

  • MyTona began to notice huge discrepancies in their App Store purchase data and real purchase data, a red flag for fraud.
  • After implementing Adjust Protect, lowered fraud rate from 4% to less than 1% for multi-country campaigns.
  • Raised ROAS by 10% since activating Adjust Protect.

Read full case study here.

FleroGames: Increasing DAUs while preventing fraud

FleroGames used Adjust’s fraud prevention and measurement tools to scale its marketing with confidence

  • Integrating with Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Solution (FPS) helped FleroGames block 40% of fraud and reinvest their marketing budget
  • The reporting and measurement tools have enabled the team to revisit older titles with a clearer picture of deliverables and the ability to keep the pulse of KPIs
  • Within just 6 months of reinvesting in old titles, DAUs increased by 500% and revenue by 250%

Read full case study here

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