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Your game studio data, delivered via AWS

With the help of AWS technology, we’ve made it simpler, easier and faster for game developers to get their data in one location, across their entire portfolio of games.

Save time and resources

Create a data lake in days, not months

Use DataSuite to save your team weeks of time putting in place complex data collection processes and infra. Let us do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what matters: analyzing and finding game-changing insights.

Discover how your game economy works and how to increase engagement and retention. Dive deep into what type of ads are most impactful to your business, and even directly apply data science use cases such as: churn prediction, LTV forecasting or client segmentation.

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Simpler, faster, and cheaper

Unlock unique joint partnership benefits

If you‘re using GameAnalytics DataSuite, then you’ll need somewhere for all that juicy new data to live. Whether you‘re building your own Player Warehouse or crunching through your raw gameplay data, our collaboration with AWS makes the process seamless and cost-effective.

Easily transfer data from GameAnalytics‘ servers into your own systems (for example a self-managed S3 bucket), in a reliable and secure manner. Keeping data within the AWS ecosystem means we can pass on extremely competitive rates, even for large data transfer and storage needs.

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Pick your weapon

Back up your decisions with the right data

Metrics API

  • Make your metrics paint the full picture
  • Recieve KPI's for each individual game in single query
  • Update your internal data systems with programmatic access to metrics
  • Query KPI's aggregated across your entire organization

Player Warehouse

  • Use data storage designed for developers
  • Flexible querying with SQL access
  • Correlate your data from multiple sources
  • Uncover new insights
  • Data science models
  • All the essential features for keeping track of all your games:

    Build your own custom dashboards on top of our Player Warehouse

Raw Export

  • Get game data in its purest form
  • Export and transfer your GameAnalytics data into your own tools
  • Analyze the raw numbers (no aggregation, no mess)
  • And mix it up with data from other sources and tools

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