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Ioana Hreninciuc

Ioana Hreninciuc

CEO at GameAnalytics

Hypercasual markets cover

2020 in Metrics: Understanding Casual and Hypercasual Gaming Markets

A lot has changed over 2020 - especially the gaming market. But what are these changes? And what do you need to know? Using data from Benchmarks+, we cover just that.

Mobile Game LTV

How to Find Player LTV Blind Spots and Earn More From Your Game

Learn how to identify and address the most common blind spots for player LTV to grow your game’s revenue and profitability.

Finding Hit Publishers Cover

What’s Their Secret? 4 Steps Successful Publishers Take to Find Hit Games

How exactly do successful publishers find hit games? What’s their secret? Here’s a sneak peek behind the curtain.

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Open Source SDK Cover

Our Approach to Open Source – From SDKs to Data Libraries

Should more companies go full open source with their SDKs? Here's our approach, and what tools we're working on next.

iOS SDK Cover

Using our iOS SDK? You’ll need to update it now (before iOS 14 comes out)

The iOS 14 release is almost here. So what can developers do to be prepared? For starters, you'll need to update your SDKs.

Ad revenue data is coming to GameAnalytics: get started today

You asked. We listened. And now ad revenue data is coming to GameAnalytics. Here's what you need to know, what you can do now, and what's to come.

Supporting BAME game dev teams with industry insights

To do our part to support the calls for racial equality around the world, we’re offering free access to our insights services for indie studios created or run by black or other ethnic minority leaders.

Browse hundreds of different gaming services with the GameDev Toolbox

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the GameDev Toolbox, a one-stop directory containing all of the services you’ll need to develop better games.

Mobile playtime increases by 62%, with IAP up by around 30% in Q1

We analyze the profound effect that COVID-19 is already having on player behavior around the world, with overall traffic up by 46%, playtime by 62% and in-app purchases also up by around 30% in March.

ARPPU in top performing games up 20% compared to 2016

At GameAnalytics, we've recently launched Benchmarks+, a mobile intelligence tool for the games industry with a huge scale of global data. This platform includes aggregated insights for each KPI across 1.2 billion players, 16 billion sessions and 150 million transactions each month.

Introducing Benchmarks+, Mobile Gaming Intelligence from 1.2b Monthly Players

Introducing Benchmarks+, the first mobile market intelligence platform with real-world retention and engagement insights for the top 5% of performance, across all genres and metrics.

header bidding

Keeping Your Head: A Beginner’s Guide To Header Bidding In Mobile Games

In this post, we’ll be talking all things 'header bidding' and 'ad mediation'. Not sure what these mean? Then you'll probably want to read on.