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Bring your data in-house to drive your games’ success. Saving you months of development time.

Data services for games

Back up your decisions with the right data

From an indie studio to a regular chart-topper, get the data tools you can plug in and start using right away.

Data Services

Use data to grow beyond the max level

Get a deeper understanding of your players and games with Data Services. Build the tools to create your own reports and analysis, so you can make the decisions that’ll grow your games.

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Player Warehouse

Open a chest that’s got more than loot inside

Get ready to query device and event level data, daily. And save months of development effort.

Dive deep with data

  • Uncover new insights
  • Query with SQL access
  • Combine data from multiple sources
  • Updated every day
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Metrics API

Dig out the gems buried in your metrics data

Programmatically query key metrics across your games to build reports about your whole portfolio.

What can I do?

  • Plug up-to-date metrics data into your reporting tools
  • Drill down and filter using major dimensions

Upcoming features

Get a sneak peek at our upcoming DLC

Check out the new tools that’ll help you make your games bigger and better

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Organization API 2021

This will give you programmatic access to your account management. Add games, users and permissions all through an easy-to-use API.

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Data Visualization 2021

We plan to release a Data Viz add-on to Playerwarehouse in order to explore the data without code.

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Player Warehouse

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Metrics API

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Organization API

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