Player Warehouse

Data storage, designed for game developers

Go from player level data to vital insights in seconds. Spend less time aggregating data, and more time learning from it.

Full data aggregation for your business decisions

All your data in one place, ready to explore

All your data together, organized to help you create reports on the fly. Flexibly analyze your data to get the insights you need from day one.

A single source of truth

Your game data, delivered daily

Player Warehouse takes data from all your games and lets you see it as one single player base. Incorporate your own technology, insights and data sources without creating your own SDKs, pipelines or storage platforms.

A dashboard showing player behavior data
Growing your games

Find the insights that can boost your bottom line

One quick SQL query and you’ll get all the answers you need. See the trends that stretch across different games, target your highest-spending players. Detect which build retains more players and on which level. Fix bugs faster. Teach machine learning tools to spot new opportunities.

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Custom dashboards and reports

A report for every person, and occasion

Different data matters to different people. Your QA team needs to know errors per title. IAP revenue per region is useful for your producers. Churn-per-level affects game design. With custom dashboards, you deliver critical insights to the people who most need to see them.

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Event Warehouse

Analyze your game, at the player event level

Our latest add-on to Player Warehouse. Event Export takes all your games’ event-level data from GameAnalytics and delivers it straight to you, ready for analysis. With event level analysis, bring your gameplay data to life in a whole new way. So you can see even more of how your gameplay mechanics work, and how to improve them.

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All DataSuite features under one single plan

Customers feedback

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Why did we choose GameAnalytics? Because they're the go-to company for in-game metrics and tracking in the hyper-casual games industry. So we started using their products like Raw Export really early on to help us in our goal of becoming a key player in the high-growth market we operate in.

Kamel Haddad

Kamel Haddad

Chief Data Officer-Head of
Cloud Infrastructure at TapNation


At Voodoo, we review a lot of prototypes and games each month. Thanks to the data collected with GameAnalytics, we’re able to help our partners with upcoming trends, clear creation guidelines, features to increase retention, and a unique ideation process.

Hugo Peyron

Hugo Peyron

Publishing Expert
at Voodoo

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