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8 ways of spotting and fixing the reasons why players are leaving your game

The following article is based on a previous one we published on the GameAnalytics blog: 16 reasons players are leaving your…

How to Identify Whales In Your Game

We look at mobile game monetization and examine the differences in behaviour between converted players and non-monetizers.

Mobile Games KPI Benchmarks for July 2015

As you may know, at the end of May we released Benchmarks, feature that helps you bring more context to your analysis by allowing you to compare your KPIs to…

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Custom segments

First look at Custom Segments

We are truly excited to share this first beta release of Custom Segments! With Custom Segments, you’ll be able to…

Introducing Benchmarks – How do you stack up?

Benchmark feature released! Benchmarks allow you to compare your games’ performance to that of all the other games in the…

Why it’s important to keep your initial players happy

In our last data science report on what makes a game successful we looked at the evolution of key game…

Analytics Storytelling

What Analysing 400+ Games Has Taught Us

The following content was a report put together by our awesome data science team for GDC15. We share the findings with you.

Game analytics for everyone – and links to other great talks!

From the the 10th to the 12th of November I had the pleasure of attending the ninth annual Casual Connect…

GDC Vault 2014 Must Watch

Allison Bilas gives her recommendations on the must watch game analytics related talks from the GDC Vault 2014.