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Mikael Orpana

Mikael Orpana

Marketing Manager at GameRefinery

Genres, Brands and Features: All You Need to Know About the Chinese Mobile Games Market

From brands, genres, and feature trends, our friends at GameRefinery have used their data to demystify the Chinese mobile games market.

Overview of the Current Mobile Sports & Racing Games Market

Our friends at GameRefinery shift their focus to mobile Sports & Racing games, and examine how various titles in this category are currently faring on the market

3 Strategies to Grow Gamers’ Loyalty and Retention Rate

A selection of the top strategies on improving your games' retention, with expert advice from app-store specialists, AppFollow.

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Casual Game IAP Monetization Trends

Using their analytics platform, GameRefinery has shared key insights and inspiration to help you nail your IAP monetization strategies.

How Coin Master Disrupted Social Casino And Pocketed $100M

Mobile games experts Om Tandon and Abhimanyu Kumar look into what Coin Master gets right, what the competition gets wrong, and how the Social Casino genre is evolving.