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5 Reasons Game Devs Should Start Making Hyper-casual Games

Editor’s note: This article was originally crafted by TapNation. If you fancy reading the original, you can find it here.  It’s no secret that creating a game can be pricey. Hiring a strong development team is just the start of your journey. Aside from the months (even years) of developing a game, when you start focusing on your marketing and ongoing user acquisition campaigns, the expenses and costs can pile on (before you’ve had a chance to make any revenue). Making it near impossible for smaller dev teams to enter the market. Hyper-casual is changing that. These games are turning into a developer’s stepping stone into kick-starting their career in the gaming industry.  Without the need for large initial investments. And to get a better idea of how the hyper-casual genre can help game makers enter the professional world of...
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How To Optimize Mobile Games for the App Stores

Editor’s note: This article was originally published by TapNation. Make sure to check out their version here. The question of how people find your content is a tale as old as the internet. Having the best story or the most innovative gameplay means very little if no one can find it, never mind play it. Which is why ASO (App Store Optimization) is so important. It plays a crucial role when publishing your game. And it isn’t as time-consuming or complicated as you may think. At TapNation, we help make sure new players find your hyper-casual games by using the best ASO techniques and most effective marketing strategies. If you have great intuitive gameplay, we want to make sure everyone in the world is playing it. But if you’re just looking for some simple advice to get you started, well...