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CPI or CTR? How to Best Measure Your Game’s Marketability

Editor’s note: This article was originally published by Sara De Vries, Content Creator at Coda. You can find the original article here. When it comes to understanding the potential success of your prototype, market testing is the best way to accurately measure a user’s reception to your game. Most rapid market testing is conducted on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, as they allow you to test the marketability of your game in both an economic and efficient way. The types of campaigns or tests on these platforms can range from tracking traffic to engagement, and from them you can calculate important KPIs such as Click-through-rate (CTR) and Cost-per-install (CPI). A CPI or a CTR test are two different types of tests and both have pros and cons worth considering for your particular stage of development. Keep reading...
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5 Techniques to Supercharge Your Ideation

Editor’s note: This article was originally written by Sara De Vries, Content Creator at Coda Games. You can find the original here.  In hyper-casual gaming, coming up with the next hit game idea can be one of the most challenging parts of game development. Choosing the right game idea is crucial to avoid losing time and money spent building an unsuccessful game. So what exactly is the best method for game ideation in hyper-casual and how can you start implementing it today? Luckily, we sat down with our gaming experts here at Coda to understand the best methods developers can utilize in the initial ideation phase to help increase their chances of success in publishing. 1. Monitor Trends One misconception when it comes to game ideation in hyper-casual is that your game idea needs to be entirely brand new. This...
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Making a Hyper-Casual Game? Here’s 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Editors note: This article was originally crafted by Sarah D. Vries, Content Creator at Coda Game. You can find the original piece here.  The hyper-casual gaming industry is constantly evolving, requiring developers to be on top of trends and the latest gaming practices to remain competitive. Like honing any craft, it’s a constant work in progress and many studios often end up making common mistakes that can easily be avoided. Thankfully at Coda, we’ve had extensive experience working with developers and studios of all sizes. From our experience, we’ve compiled a list of the top five common mistakes that hyper-casual developers make and how best to avoid them when creating your next game. 1. Getting the difficulty of levels wrong Hyper-casual games are known for their simple nature and the ability for gamers of any level to play. One common...
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4 Habits any Successful Developer should pick up

Editor’s note: This article was written by Sarah D. Vries, Content Creator at Coda Games. You can find the original piece here.  When it comes to developing a hit hyper-casual game, your chances for success are not entirely based on luck. Any successful hyper-casual developer can tell you that it’s a lot of hard work, trial, and error and identifying best practices that help optimize and streamline their development process. At Coda, we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with many talented developers, even having had the chance to interview those that have created hit games. From observation and conversations, we’ve come to realize that many often share the same habits and best practices that help them to increase their chances of success. Keep reading as we identify four key habits successful hyper-casual developers share and how you can employ...