Earlier this year, we ended our open beta and officially released a major upgrade to GameAnalytics. To keep you in the loop with what’s new, we’ve outlined the improvements and features that have been released since we went live, and what you can expect to see on the horizon.

What’s changed with the upgrade?

The first thing you’ll notice is that we have introduced new functionality like multidimensional filtering, the ability to split your data by specific dimensions or events, and changing gameplay parameters within your live games. We’ve also refreshed our existing features.

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Improvements since we went live

Since we went live in September, we have been listening closely to your thoughts and feedback.

The move away from our legacy systems has been pretty exciting, but has brought with it some key challenges for us. We’re thrilled that we’ll now be able to provide you with new and powerful features, layered on top of what has already been built. But we’re also aware that some beloved features went temporarily missing and the user experienced suffered. Our team has been hard at work to address these issues, as well as bring back your favourite features into the tool.

All of the changes listed below have been released and ready for you to check out:

General Performance Improvements

  • Multiple improvements to our back-end system, such as improving our caching capabilities, to allow for faster querying of data throughout the tool. Our metrics are now flexible and calculated on the fly, compared to our legacy tool where all metrics were pre-calculated.


  • Performance improvements and bug fixes when loading game metrics, searching for games and pinning/hiding/archiving games.

Realtime Dashboard

  • Reviewed all calculations for widgets and their respective individual metrics.

Quality Dashboard

  • Reintroduced the Error Report widget, including the tabs and graphs for specific stack traces. Please note, this widget is updated with data each day at around UTC 1200.

Progression Dashboard

  • Reintroduced Level Fail Scores widget.
  • Reintroduced Level Complete Scores widget.

Explore Tool

  • Updated UI for the Metric Picker.
  • Added the ability to select up to seven specific retention dates (up to day 90).
  • Added the ability to save new queries and load legacy queries.
  • Added the ability to sort by either the X or Y axis.


  • Altered our retention calculation and visualisation to align with industry standards (the percentage of users who installed the game on the day and returned X days later).
  • Fixed the issue where specific dates were missing from retention widgets within dashboards and when enlarging the widget.

Custom Dashboards

  • Fixed multiple issues within widgets for dashboards that were created within our legacy product (missing splits, empty data, query timeouts).
  • Fixed the issue where data would not load within retention widgets.
  • Fixed the issue where some widgets would not load correctly for monetization dashboards that were created in the legacy tool.


  • Fixed the issue where data was not loading for dates after 2018-10-03.


  • Fixed the issue where retention dates and values were incorrect.


  • Fixed the issue where DAU metric would not load when querying over a segment.

What’s on the horizon?

Here are some of the key improvements, features and fixes that you can expect in the near future:

  • Further fixes to Custom Dashboards, for both dashboards created in our legacy tool and new dashboards.
  • Updated and improved UX/UI when applying Filters.
  • Correct calculation of Business Metrics when applying receipt filters.
  • Reintroduce progression metrics: Level Attempts and Win Percentage.
  • Ability to “group by” dimensions/events for Retention data.
  • Reintroduce the Live Feed to the Realtime Dashboard.
  • Annotations, with existing notes that were created in legacy, still present.

To see the full list of improvements and changes you can check out our public roadmap. You can easily follow our progress via the roadmap, and future product updates on our blog.

Thank You

All of us at GameAnalytics are aware that our product update has brought about significant change, as well as some frustration for our community. We want to thank you for all of your patience and support, and let you know that we’re working hard to make the best tool possible for you and your games.

If you have any trouble using the new GameAnalytics platform, or just want to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly support team is available to answer any question, investigate any issue, or even give you a tour of the new tool.

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