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Erno Kiiski

Erno Kiiski

Chief Game Analyst at GameRefinery

Battle Passes: The Latest Hot Trend in Mobile Gaming

In this blog post, GameRefinery look at trend and popularity data for Battle Passes, and share a couple of the most interesting implementations they’ve seen so far.

Feature Image of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How Gameplay And Features Compare To Competition

GameRefinery takes a quick peek into how the core loop and features of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite compare to other titles in the genre.

Overview of the Current Mobile Sports & Racing Games Market

Our friends at GameRefinery shift their focus to mobile Sports & Racing games, and examine how various titles in this category are currently faring on the market

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Popularity Of Mobile Game Art Styles And Genres – Data Breakdown

In this post, GameRefinery takes a deep dive into which game art styles and genres are rocking the US, Chinese and Japanese markets, all while using data from their platform.

Overview Of The Current Mobile RPG Market

In this post, GameRefinery shift their focus to mobile RPG games, and examine how various RPG archetypes are faring on the market at the moment.

Match3 Games – Meta Layers And Matching Types

In this blog post, GameRefinery reviews two major aspects of Match3 games - the various types of matching types and their popularity, as well as digging into the recent rise and of meta-game aspects.