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How Homa’s LaunchOps team helps you transform your prototypes into Monster Hits

Editor’s note: This article was written and published by Homa Games. You can find their original version here.  So what exactly happens once you submit your prototype at Homa, and how does it all work? In this article, Homa’s team take you through the process and explain all the essential info you need to know about scaling your next hit. Here’s what they said. The main challenge behind game publishing Publishing a game might seem straightforward; however, the list of actions to make it the next hit is quite long. In a short period, you need to make sure there are no bugs, the ad monetization is working properly, the testing metrics are good, and the data is analyzed correctly. Don’t you worry; the Homa Games team is there to help you figure it all out! The Homa Squad supports...
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Homa Games’ Guide to App Store Optimization

Editor’s note: This article (and report) was written by the clever clogs at Home Games. You can read their original here.  Game’s go through a lot of stages from ideation to executing and testing during the publishing cycle. But having a game published and up and running in the app stores is only the first step in making it accessible to the widest audience possible. For game creators, the app stores are the main point of contact with users, and they are the place where users will decide if a game is worth downloading or not. So, in order to put everything in your favor, you will need to make sure your game is presented in the best possible way, with its main features displayed and with images and wording fully optimized. That’s where app store optimization (ASO) comes into play. Every...
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Arcade Idle HomaJam: A Winning Theme

Editor’s note: This article was written by our friends at Homa Games. We recently ran a game jam with them. And we’re thrilled to announce the winners and results below. Another game jam edition comes to an end as we announce the winners of our Arcade Idle HomaJam, and we have many! With the best quality submissions we have seen so far, this jam’s games reached outstanding metrics and presented the most promising ideas under the theme of Arcade Idle. Arcade Idle is a new subgenre that combines idle and adventure arcade’s main attributes with a chilled Hypercasual look and feel. Removing all complexity from resource mining games, but preserving its core ability to engage, this clever mix translates into hybrid games with medium/low CPI, but much stronger playtime metrics that can reach 30+ minutes. With games like Harvest It, Craft Island, and Farm Land,...
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Arcade Idle: 5 Tips for Testing Creatives

For everyone creating Hypercasual games, prototyping and testing is a crucial part of the process. It allows developers to save time, to avoid over-investing, and to be able to iterate accordingly. In addition to testing the gameplay and mechanics, an important part of the process is to evaluate a game’s marketability. And that’s where creatives come in handy. Creatives are the ads used in a user acquisition strategy to drive installs and, as the first touchpoint with most of the players, they can have a huge impact on the success of a game. In short, the goal of a creative is to give a good idea of a game and to make players want to play it. Testing with creatives is the best way to rapidly assess the potential of a new product no matter the type of game. But...
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The Hypercasual Playbook: Fast Prototyping

This post and report was originally written by Homa Games. You can check out the original here.  Whether you are participating in a jam or just in your daily game creation practice, building a functional, testable prototype ASAP is essential. First, because you want to be able to test your ideas before investing too much time and resources on them. Second, because in the fast-paced, highly competitive Hypercasual world, you don’t want to let the latest trends slip away or see your genius concepts developed by the competition. When it comes to game design, there are elements like core game mechanics and dynamics that need to be there from the beginning, no matter how simple your prototype is. If you are thinking Hypercasual, you also want your games to be satisfying from the start, so the visual part and the...
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Arcade Idle: A New Hyper-Casual Genre Enters the Game

In the last few years, the Hyper-casual genre has established itself as one of the fastest-growing game categories on the app stores, not only in the number of downloads but also in the quantity, variety, and originality of new products. Beginning as a subgenre of casual, Hyper-casual has consolidated as a category in its own right and started accommodating subcategories like ultra-casual, idle, mergers, and so on. Some of these subgenres have become classics, but we can see a new genre emerge in the Hyper-casual scene from time to time. Constant testing and iteration lead to permanent game upgrading and improvement, translating into new, different games and hybrid genres. This was the case for Farm Land, developed by studio LolTap: Homa Games’ latest release and member of the new Arcade Idle category. The process began in late 2020 with the...

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