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Kalle Heikkinen

Kalle Heikkinen

Chief Game Analyst at GameRefinery

Using Hybrid Genres to Broaden Your Mobile Game’s Audience

Using examples from idler RPGs and puzzle RPGs, GameRefinery explores how hybrid genres can broaden your game audience.

Mario Kart Cover

Mario Kart Tour – What It Can Learn From QQ Speed And PopKart Mobile

With the new release of Mario Kart Tour, our friends at GameRefinery take a look at what the game could learn from existing mobile casual racing games.

Appointment Mechanics – How to Keep Your Players in Game

Our friends at GameRefinery turn their attention to appointment mechanics: a new set of tools that can get your players revisiting your game.

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Genres, Brands and Features: All You Need to Know About the Chinese Mobile Games Market

From brands, genres, and feature trends, our friends at GameRefinery have used their data to demystify the Chinese mobile games market.

Battle Royale In NBA & Star Wars – 6 Exciting Ways To Implement A Battle Royale Mode In Your Next Game

Using their Market Explorer tool, GameRefinery makes sense of the battle royale space, and shares with us 6 interesting implementations of this mode.

What Kinds Of Western Games Have Taken Off In Japan?

Using their Market Explorer tool and genre taxonomy framework, GameRefinery answers the hard question all western developers ask: What are the top grossing games in Japan, and what genres do they represent?

What Types of Western Games Find Success in China?

Using their brand-new genre taxonomy, GameRefinery digs deep into the Chinese market. And after inputting all the Western top 500 grossing games in November 2018, they shed a light on what they found...