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Yaniv Nizan

Yaniv Nizan is the CEO and Co-Founder of SOOMLA - Monetization Measurement Platform.

Match-3 Video Ad Retention

Rewarded Video: Retention Impact in Match-3 Games

Rewarded video ads can have a positive or negative impact on retention - depending who you ask...

Hopeless: The Dark Cave – Coins and Consumables

Yaniv Nizan's review of the adorable free-to-play survival shooter.

Zombies Don’t Touch Me: Runner Under the Microscope

The reviews saga continues with Yaniv Nizan's analysis of Zombies Don't Touch Me.

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Monetizing Puzzle Games: Box It Game Review

Yaniv Nizan talks about the monetisation model of his latest favourite puzzle game.

How To Detect and Prevent In-App Purchase Hacks

There are some experts who believe that fighting fraud in single player games is pointless. We look at ways to help prevent it.

42 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

42 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

From "banner ads" to "remove ads", this is a comprehensive list of all the ways you can generate revenue from your free to play game.

Getting and keeping players in the game store

While most players will definitely check your in-game store out of sheer curiosity, it's a true art to keep them…

Game Economies – 5 mistakes to avoid

So you want your game to feature an in-game store? Avoid these five common blunders shared by Yaniv Nizan to…

How to Price your In-app Purchase Items

There's an entire science behind how to price your in-game purchases. Yaniv Nizan is back to give us some pointers…

Game Economy Balancing – 3 Ways to Prevent Pay-To-Win

Meet our new guest poster, Yaniv Nizan, CEO and co-founder of SOOMLA and also an expert in dynamic in-app purchases.…