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New Report by Adjust and Facebook Reveals Opportunities for Developers

Facebook and Adjust have created The Mobile App Growth report. Let’s look at which trends will intrigue game developers.

This month, Adjust has teamed up with Facebook to analyze the mobile app market and produce The Mobile App Growth Report. The report digs into the top trends across the industry, focusing on where there has been the most growth, and highlighting trends in emerging markets.

And it looks like good news for game developers.

Games keep going strong

Growing like skeletons out of a mob spawner, games are the top-ranking industry this year. It looks like the surge of activity we’ve seen the last few years is showing no sign of slowing down and that there are more and more people turning to games for entertainment.

Hyper-casual games push the industry forward

It’s worth noting that Adjust believes that a big part of this growth is due to the hyper-casual genre, which makes sense. We’ve seen that over lockdown people have been keeping their thumbs busy with casual games. Now that those people have caught the bug, it looks like they’re going to stick around – even after lockdown eases up.

Latin American audience is a great opportunity

If you’re about to launch your next title, and you’re wondering which countries will be the most lucrative, then it looks like you should be jet-setting your game over to Latin America. Argentina holds the top spot for gaming, followed by Vietnam, Brazil, China, and Mexico.

Get your subscription on

It looks like people are getting more and more accustomed to shelling out a few bucks a month for their entertainment. Nearly 80% of the top 225 apps on the Google Play Store are subscription-based. (That drops to nearly 50% on the App Store, but it’s still a pretty significant chunk.) It definitely looks like adding a subscription model is the way to go.

Could edutainment (entertaining education) be the way to go?

In India, education is the fastest-growing app vertical. And it’s a market that just keeps growing as more and more people get a mobile device. Couple this with the fact that streaming and over-the-top services keep cropping up, and there could be a big appetite for educational games in the near future.

Get the big picture

There’s more to the report than what we’ve covered here, and it’s well worth the read. Along with the big trends, Adjust also covers the common myths about mobile marketing strategies. You can download the full report on their website.

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