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Monetizing your games can be a complicated process. We’ve built a collection of our top guides and strategies, to help you make the most out of your games.

Gaming Subscription Feature Image

Could A Subscription Model Work For Your Mobile Game?

Subscriptions models can be seen everywhere. But is it good for gaming? In this post, we look at the pros and cons of ditching the ads in favor of subscription-based gaming.

Roller Splat! by Voodoo

How To Create “Hyper-Snackable” Casual Games

Lead Publishing Manager at Voodoo, Thomas Dubreuil, shares with us the three key elements that make a casual mobile game snackable, and the value of having a snackable game.

Ad Fraud: Bots Are Stealing Millions From Brands

Why is ad fraud on the up despite businesses becoming more aware of it? What can be done to stop fraud in its tracks? Our friends at Mintegral answer just that.

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header bidding

Keeping Your Head: A Beginner’s Guide To Header Bidding In Mobile Games

In this post, we’ll be talking all things 'header bidding' and 'ad mediation'. Not sure what these mean? Then you'll probably want to read on.

15 Ad-Tech Terms Every Mobile Game Developer Should Know

Ad mediation? CPM? Waterfalling? All key terms that are used throughout the industry, but what do they really mean?