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GameIntel market insights coming to GameAnalytics!

Following our major V3 update, we're keeping the releases coming. Get ready as GameAnalytics and GameIntel unite, bringing your game's KPIs and wider market insights together in one straightforward view. Better insights are on the horizon!

Today, we have some exciting news to share with you. GameAnalytics and GameIntel will be joining forces to provide an integrated, comprehensive platform that brings together analytics and wider gaming market insights – all in one simple, unified service.

One of the key focuses for us at GameAnalytics is to continually evolve and provide more value to our users. And again, we’re taking a significant step forward in that journey. From next month, GameIntel will become an integral part of GameAnalytics, bringing robust market insights like detailed KPI benchmark trends for all major metrics along with app store charts and rank positions for major gaming regions – right into our core platform.

Why is this exciting?

Having access to both GameAnalytics and GameIntel’s capabilities in a single place allows you to explore the broader connections between your in-game KPIs and your global app store rankings. This unified solution will provide you with a more comprehensive picture of your game’s performance, your competition, and the broader gaming market as a whole.

You’ll soon be able to track and analyze not only your own game’s data, but also the wider market rankings and performance estimates of other games and publishers that you’re interested in. Imagine having the ability to easily see how KPIs like DAU or retention translate to app store rankings – all on one single graph without needing to export and crunch different data sources. This is just one of the many powerful use cases you can look forward to.

What’s changing?

Going forward, GameIntel won’t operate as a standalone service. Instead, it will be integrated as a paid add-on within the GameAnalytics platform. This means you’ll find all the unique features and insights that GameIntel offers directly within the GameAnalytics interface.

Existing GameIntel users, rest assured! You will still have access to the same extensive data and insights that you’re used to. The key difference? You’ll be accessing these features within the newly redesigned GameAnalytics interface.

We’re working hard to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible and brings added convenience to your game and market analysis. From next month, you’ll be able to easily switch and access GameIntel from the main menu as shown below.

Key feature changes

Firstly, all of these updates bring huge performance and stability improvements, meaning that your market insights will load more quickly and reliably across all dashboards, and we’ll be able to continue launching new features with greater ease.

On this note, we’re excited to introduce a brand new feature – the ability to save games or studios that you want to track into ‘Your list’. This means, rather than searching for them each time, you can now have quick and easy access to your favorites directly from your dashboard.

As part of this consolidation process, the Top Publishers, Global Hits, Upcoming Games and Game Explorer dashboards will be deprecated. Our aim is to instead make this information available in the more streamlined market intelligence views shown below.

What about the billing changes?

The best part about this upgrade? All of GameIntel’s pro features will be available under a single plan at $499 per month. But, if you’re an existing user, we’ve got some fantastic news!

If you’re an existing user, you don’t need to do anything to access these new features! Simply continue with your subscription, and you’ll automatically have these features enabled and retain monthly pricing at your existing or discounted rate. Yes, that’s right – more features, greater value!

Please note, you don’t need to do anything to access these new features and pricing benefits. Simply continue with your subscription, and you’ll automatically have these features enabled and pricing changes reflected in your next billing cycle.

Onwards and upwards

We’re genuinely excited about these changes, as we believe they will give you better tools to understand both your games’ performance, the wider market dynamics and the way these two factors impact your ASO efforts. Remember, this is just the first of many improvements we plan to make – all designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience, make smarter decisions, and ultimately succeed in the gaming world.

As always, we’re here if you have any questions or need further clarification about these changes. We’re all about making your journey with GameAnalytics as valuable and smooth as possible. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or share your feedback.