KidSAFE COPPA Certified

Upholding Child Data Privacy

At GameAnalytics, we commit to safeguarding child data privacy, secured through the kidSAFE COPPA Seal certification. Explore how partnering with us not only makes you benefit from this prestigious seal but also ensures that your game complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a U.S. federal privacy law.

Why kidSAFE COPPA Seal Matters to Game Developers:

  • Parents Trust: Parents and guardians trust games that prioritize the safety and privacy of their children. Using an analytics provider that earned the kidSAFE COPPA Seal signifies your unwavering commitment to protecting young users.
  • Legal Compliance: Compliance with COPPA is not just a legal obligation; it’s essential to minimize legal risks and ensure the longevity of your game in the market.
  • Data Integrity: Secure child data to maintain the trust of parents and ensure your game’s analytics provide accurate, reliable insights.
  • Competitive Edge: using GameAnalytics sets your game apart in a competitive market, attracting parents seeking secure gaming environments for their children.

Our Commitment to Child Data Privacy:

  • Rigorous Certification: We meet the stringent requirements established by kidSAFE, earning the kidSAFE COPPA Seal to verify our commitment to child privacy.
  • Comprehensive COPPA Compliance: Our game services comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, commonly known as COPPA. We’ve gone beyond the basics, implementing additional “COPPA Privacy Rules” to ensure comprehensive compliance.
  • COPPA-Compliant Privacy Policy: Our privacy policy strictly adheres to COPPA guidelines.
  • Oversight and Enforcement: Our analytics services are overseen and enforced by the kidSAFE® Seal Program, guaranteeing ongoing compliance.


Contact us today at to explore our kidSAFE COPPA Seal certification and understand how it can fortify your game development efforts. Join us in creating games that not only entertain but also prioritize child privacy and security.