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Anamaria Todor

Ana Todor is a Computer Scientist with a playful and literary twist. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies.

How to use GameAnalytics to validate design decisions

We’re proud to announce that GameAnalytics has just been featured on Gamasutra in Amir Fassihi’s article on “Closing the Loop:…

2013 in Review

There’s a saying floating around the Internet which goes something like this: “Time does not pass, it continues.” And, boy,…

Interview: Flying Monkey Interactive on Strangelings

What can possibly be the connection between GameAnalytics and genetics? Read our interview with Flying Monkey Interactive, one of our most successful customers, to find out .

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Interview: Whitaker Trebella on Pivvot

Minimalist yet intense, Pivvot was listed as one of the top 100 apps in over 140 countries and even managed…