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Iván Bravo

Iván Bravo

Director of Customer Operations at GameAnalytics

Covid-19 Webinar Cover

Lessons from Lockdown: Making Casual Games in a Covid-19 World [Toolbox Webinar]

Catch up on the webinar we ran in September covering the trends, lessons and strategies from 2020 so far. Guest speakers from Adjust and TopOn.

Ivan at Making Hit Idle Games

Hyper-Casual vs Idle: The Latest Trends in Mobile Games   

How has the idle category been performing compared to hyper-casual games? In the second of our event series, the Arcade R(E)volution, we covered just this. 

Hyper-Casual Gaming: The Latest Stats and Trends You Need to Know

Casual games are becoming all the more popular on the app stores, but how do they truly compare to the more established genres? We answer just that.

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Top Publishing Talks To See At Casual Connect Europe 2019

Casual Connect Europe is back in London this May - join us, as we run through some of the upcoming talks you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Hottest Talks To Catch At PGC Seattle 2019

Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle 2019 is just around the corner. And as always, we've picked our top favorite talks you shouldn't miss this year.

7 Unmissable Talks At GDC San Francisco 2019

GDC San Francisco 2019 has come and gone. But with so much on offer, how can you make sure you got the most out of 2019's biggest event?

6 Talks You Shouldn’t Miss At PGC London 2019

Kickstarting this year is Pocket Gamer Connects first conference in London. So get ready for some jam packed industry insights in the shape of talks, panel sessions and networking opportunities.

3 Creative Ways To Build Your Community Before Launching Your Game

We explore 3 unique stories where developers went the extra mile to build their community, and dig into why they worked so well.