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Michail Katkoff

Product Manager at Supercell

If Vainglory Doesn’t Make it, No One Will

Michail loves Vainglory, and thinks it could revolutionise the way that MOBA games are played on mobile forever. Let's find out why.

Mid-Core Success Part 4: Monetization

In the last part of his Mid-Core series, Michail Katkoff talks about why sustained monetization is a result achieved through…

Mid-Core Success Part 3: Social

In part three of his Mid-Core Success series, Michail Katkoff talks about true social mechanics, the kind that add to the gameplay, improve overall player experience and make the game…

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Mid-Core Success Part 2: Retention

Michail Katkoff gives tips on how to overcome the challenge of returning players to your game with a well-though core…

Mid-Core Success Part 1: Core Loops

This is the first instalment of a 4-part series written by Michail Katkoff, Product Manager at Supercell. In this series, he explores what it takes to create a successful "mid-core" mobile game.

42 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

From Paid to Free(mium) in Three Steps

In this latest post, Michail Katkoff delves deeper into the realm of freemium and walks you through the process of…

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How Puzzle & Dragons Does it

In this post Michail analyses the mixed success of Puzzle & Dragons, Japan's top grossing free-to-play mobile game, on the…

How Criminal Case drives growth

Criminal Case is one of the best Facebook games in terms of growth. In this case study Michail Katkoff explains…

Beating Candy Crush Saga

Michail Katkoff is back with more game analytics goodies. In this post specifically, he will dissect one of the most…

Five Tips for Killer First-Time Flow

While the concept of flow has its roots in psychology, it's also associated with the world of video games. Flow is defined as that state in which a person is fully immersed into a video game, which guarantees maximum enjoyment.

Behind the Success of Hay Day

For Hay Day, the magic isn't just in the core loop or features. To find out what makes this game so successful, we take a deeper dive...

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How Rage of Bahamut Monetizes

Michail Katkoff, game analytics expert and friend of GameAnalytics, puts the spotlight on Rage of Bahmut - a game of contrasts, explaining how this game can effectively monetize players