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Monetizing your games can be a complicated process. We’ve built a collection of our top guides and strategies, to help you make the most out of your games.

Ad Fraud: Bots Are Stealing Millions From Brands

Why is ad fraud on the up despite businesses becoming more aware of it? What can be done to stop fraud in its tracks? Our friends at Mintegral answer just that.

15 Ad-Tech Terms Every Mobile Game Developer Should Know

Ad mediation? CPM? Waterfalling? All key terms that are used throughout the industry, but what do they really mean?

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Ad Monetization For Hyper Casual Mobile Games – A Data Scientist’s Playbook

VP Marketing at Tenjin, Sunny Cha, identifies the best-practices that any publisher pursuing a hyper casual portfolio can benefit from.

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Hyper-Casual Games 101: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Players

When making hyper-casual games with great next day retention, how can you make sure you get the most out of your players?

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Best Practices For In-Game Purchases: Converting Players To Spenders

How can you get the most of in-game purchases? From defining your audience to nailing your path to purchase, we've rounded up all of the best practices.