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Corona V2 SDK Released

We’re pleased to announce that an updated GameAnalytics plugin is now available for the Corona game engine. With this update, we’ve added additional functionality of advanced GameAnalytics event types within the Corona Engine.

You can download the update on GitHub here.

With the V2 SDK, you now get access to the new tailored event types, which allow you to structure and analyze your data in a more accurate way. The event types include:

Business events

Receipt checking validation to ensure that purchases from the app store are successfully processed.

Resource events

Allowing you to track the source and sinks of your game data.

Progression events

Restructured to enable the sending of level and stage data along alongside values, so you can measure how users are progressing.

Error events

Designed for you to be able to send useful information about crashes or loading issues on your devices.

Design events

Totally flexible event options for tagging the in-game actions of your players.

Custom dimensions

Allow you to specify elements that are specific to your game for further analysis.

Keep in mind

If you’ve been using Corona V1 up until this point, this update contains a large number of changes to the core code. We therefore advise that you remove the V1 plugin entirely and then install V2 from the Corona Marketplace. For more information, you should follow our guide to updating your SDK from V1 -> V2.

The great power and features now available to all Corona users should enhance the way you get meaning from your game. We’re proud to work together with the great team at Corona and continue to support their awesome game engine! ?

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Corona V2 SDK Released