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Seamless Switching: Keep Your Game Insights Engine-Agnostic

Sometimes you can find yourself at a crossroads, considering the switch to a different engine for various reasons. GameAnalytics ensures that you can pick up right where you left off without losing any historical data.

The importance of data in game development is undeniable and crucial for optimizing user experience, player retention, monetization, and more. GameAnalytics helps over 60,000 gaming studios optimize and improve their games, offering a well-supported ecosystem of integrations whatever your dev tools of choice. When considering switching engines, the real challenge lies in preserving historically collected data, which serves as a compass guiding future game enhancements and decision-making.

We understand these concerns and make sure that you can confidently switch between engines, knowing that your historical data remains intact and actionable.All you need to do is instrument your SDK of choice, and the data collection continues in our engine-agnostic platform, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and continually refine your games. To make it as easy as possible, GameAnalytics is compatible with a wide range of not only engines but also popular platforms like Roblox, Javascript/web games, development environments, and frameworks.

Integration with leading game development engines

GameAnalytics offers 18 official integrations for all popular game development engines and environments, ensuring accessibility for developers across the board, making it a truly engine-agnostic platform, suitable for any tech stack. Each integration is tailor-made to satisfy the specific requirements of the game engine, providing a hassle-free and efficient experience.

These integrations are powered by streamlined SDKs, each comprising just a single line of code. While installation is a breeze, it’s worth noting that each game engine requires its unique line of code. These codes are readily available, either directly from GameAnalytics, the engine’s marketplaces, or dedicated hosting development platforms such as GitHub. Head over to our ready-to-use SDK documentation to understand their application and start collecting data and insights for your games.

PS: Our SDKs have built-in features to enable A/B testing and Live Ops – free of charge!

gameanalytics supported engines and environments
Supported engines and environments

If you are considering switching your engine – or simply are looking to start with one –, check out our overview of the most popular ones:

Unity: Unity enables you to work with both 2D and 3D graphics and their Animator system can be used to create an animation state machine. The Unity-specific snippet empowers you to collect data and glean insights into player behavior effortlessly. Dive into detailed instructions via our Unity Integration Guide.

Unreal: Unreal engine is a great option for cross-platform development, high-quality graphics creation, and its ability to scale your game. Whether you want to start with the Unreal engine or already develop games through this platform, explore our Unreal Integration Guide to understand all the benefits that GameAnalytics can provide.

Godot: Renowned for its open-source nature and user-friendly interface, Godot operates on a language model similar to Python, which is one of the easiest coding languages used for game development. With GameAnalytics, you can dissect player progression, in-game events, monetization, and more in real-time. Read along with our Godot Integration Guide to learn more.

Cocos2D: This is the primary engine for writing games for iOS and Mac. While Cocos2D allows the development of regular old applications along with customized graphics, it also provides Objective C code. Our Cocos2D Integration Guide provides in-depth instructions to get you started.

Defold: This is a free-to-use engine that operates in Lua programming language with a high-quality visual editor and hot reload function. Head over to our documentation to explore the full potential of Defold analytics via our Defold Integration Guide.

GameMaker: Thanks to its intuitive interface, GameMaker eliminates the need to create a code base and engine from scratch. That allows game development beginners to easily create 2D mobile games. SDK for this engine is available in our GitHub repository and you can fetch it via the GameMaker Integration Guide.

Cordova: The biggest advantage of the Cordova engine is its ability to build mobile apps without the need to learn new programming languages or frameworks. That means developers can use and leverage their existing HTML, CSS, or JavaScript skills. To learn how to integrate Cordova with GameAnalytics, read the Cordova Integration Guide.

Flutter: This cross-platform development framework allows developers to work fast thanks to its Hot Reload feature and highly customizable UI design. Integrating the open-source framework to GameAnalytics is as easy as flipping the switch and is fully described in the step-by-step Flutter Integration Guide.

GameAnalytics compatibility extends also to many leading platforms and environments along the engines listed above:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Roblox
  • Meta Quest 2
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Air
  • Construct
  • C#
  • C++

We know that working with data requires sensitive treatment. It is at our core to incorporate great measures toward legal, privacy, and security compliance. Continue reading to learn about our mission towards navigating the complexities of an ever-changing privacy regulatory landscape for you.

Privacy and Security: GameAnalytics’ Commitment

Integrating GameAnalytics into your game development process offers a wealth of benefits, from improving user experiences to ensuring player privacy. We understand the importance of trust, compliance, and data security in the gaming industry, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure your data is in safe hands. Our commitment to security and privacy is underlined by our impressive certifications:

  • SOC2 Type II Compliant
  • ISO27001 Certified
  • Regular Penetration Testing
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Plans
  • Robust Intrusion Detection and Infrastructure Monitoring

Our analytics tool empowers game developers to optimize and improve their games by collecting and analyzing crucial game data. We respect the privacy of both you and your players and do not provide collected data to any third party. Our products are further engineered with industry-leading security protocols to safeguard your data at all times. From multi-layered encryption to firewall protections, we ensure your data is uncompromised.