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Running custom analysis in real time with Raw Export

Sometimes, developers’ needs are greater than what pre-built analytics can satisfy. Part of GameAnalytics’ DataSuite, Raw Export allows them to transfer all of their game’s data in real time and run custom analyses.

If you want to optimize your games, improve user experience, and enhance monetization, insights are everything. Understanding player behavior, trends, and preferences can make or break a game’s success. That’s where GameAnalytics’ Raw Export comes in—an innovative feature allowing you to automate the export of your games’ data in its raw JSON format and transfer it in real time.

Raw Export was developed with one goal in mind: to empower developers with a need to perform custom analytics. By providing immediate access to raw data, we enable developers to build internal tools without the need for extensive research and development time or infrastructure costs. Developers can, therefore, focus solely on extracting insights and driving their games’ success.

Automate your data flow with Raw Export

Raw Export is a cutting-edge service that automatically extracts and transfers your game’s raw data to your preferred storage solutions, such as an AWS S3 bucket, in real time. This raw data includes granular gameplay events, properties, and timestamps—essentially, a direct pipeline to your game’s data, empowering you to process, store, and transform it according to your own requirements.

We’re trying lots of different versions of our games all the time, making sure that the CPI isn’t rising and that playtime is staying the same or increasing, Philippe Grazina from TapNation says. The data that GameAnalytics provides is highly accurate and flexible when it comes to tracking additional metrics on the fly.

Thanks to Raw Export, developers gain full control over their data, allowing for custom analysis, seamless integration with third-party tools, and the creation of tailored reporting systems. This not only saves time and infrastructure costs but also provides the flexibility to adapt data analysis to specific needs—resulting in informed decision-making and enhanced game performance.

Realizing success with Raw Export

An example is a gaming studio striving to analyze player behavior to enhance game design. By leveraging Raw Export, they can effortlessly receive their game’s raw event data directly into their AWS S3 bucket. Analysts within the studio can then utilize this data in their business intelligence tools to pinpoint trends, make informed decisions on game updates, and ultimately boost player engagement and retention.

However, if you’re looking for business intelligence, you might want to learn about GameIntel, a Store Intelligence and Industry benchmark solution that is part of GameAnalytics Pro.

An exemplary success story comes from TapNation, who increased player Lifetime Value (LTV) by an impressive 50% across their game portfolio within just six months of implementing Raw Export. Their use of GameAnalytics Raw Export shows how studios can leverage data insights to substantially improve game performance and player satisfaction.

DataSuite is a highly reliable product, allowing us to use our game metrics effectively, while focusing on our core algorithms, Philippe from TapNation adds. All without putting time and effort into maintaining data collection services.

With unparalleled access to raw data and the freedom to customize analyses, developers can unlock their games’ full potential and propel them to new heights of success. Part of GameAnalytics’ DataSuite, Raw Export allows you to transfer all of your game’s data in real time and run custom analyses.