Little under a week ago, we had the great pleasure of welcoming Roblox into our SDK family. Developers of the Roblox engine can now reap the full benefits of the GameAnalytics tool for their entire portfolio – all at the click of a button (and a couple more small sneaky setup steps).

This is now the 20th SDK we’ve released, and counting. We want to make sure all game developers out there can have access to analytics, so you can expect to see more quality engines on our list.

And just like all of our other SDKs, we’ve made this integration process as quick and simple as possible. If you find yourself needing more information however, you can check out the dedicated documentation for the Roblox SDK here (you can also download the SDK here too).

Roblox SDK

About Roblox

Calling their engine the ‘imagination platform’, Roblox is a tool for any developer eager to build their own immersive and unique 3D worlds.

With a staggering 15 million games made by over 4 million active developers and creators, they are probably the largest user-generated platform out there.

Some key Roblox stats

  • 18 billion hours played since 2008
  • 900 million total engagement hours each month
  • 2.3 million peak concurrent users
  • 83 million dollars paid to the community developers

Not a developer wizard? That’s fine. Inside the platform, you’ll be able to easily produce your own immersive multiplayer experiences by using the Roblox Studio – their very own desktop design tool.

Roblox SDK 2

For those of you who find yourselves more tech-savvy, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a ton of technology behind the Roblox engine. We won’t dive into too many of the fiddly details, but you can find a bunch of information about their engine here.

Roblox is available on:

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Xbox

Other SDKs we support:

    Unity Unreal iOS Android    
    JS/HTML5 Adobe Air C# C++    
    Cocos2D Cordova Corona Construct    
    Defold GameMaker Lumberyard Native Script    
    Stencyl tvOS Xamarin      

Need Help? Get In Touch…

For more information about the GameAnalytics service please read our general documentation. Our support team works thoroughly to fix every bug and check the feedback you send through to us on a daily basis. If you need specific help, feel free to get in touch with our support team.

Remember to check our website; we are constantly working on new features that will give you even more freedom and ways to view your data. Specific requests? Contact us and we’ll be happy to consider your idea in our development roadmap.

Why GameAnalytics?

GameAnalytics is completely free and gives you unlimited access to the tools you need to understand player behavior and build great games. Within 5 minutes, you can get:

  • A centralized view of player behavior in the game.
  • Real-time insights that reflect the health of your game.
  • Beautifully designed dashboards that combine KPI metrics with powerful filtering.
  • Customizable reports, including automated emails of your KPIs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on integrating your game now!

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