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We believe everyone should have an easy access to data analytics that empowers them to make informed decisions, drive success, and unlock full potential of their games.

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Core Analytics

Absolutely free to use! No credit card, no binding.

Sign up now and access essential metrics and insights for free.

This bundle is most suitable for developers and studios that are looking to explore the power of data in game development and learn to make educated decisions that will boost their games.

Most popular

In-depth analytics with next-gen features.

Advanced tier for developers who know what they want.

Pro is best suited for established studios with bespoke analytics needs. Granular insights help uncover nuanced player behaviors, report on your games health and compare them to industry benchmarks.

The price scales as your MAU grows above 2M.

Complete data solution.

Run custom analysis – your data, your rules.

DataSuite is a versatile package of tools that help you access your raw data, player-level data, and aggregated metrics from the GameAnalytics platform. All Pro features are included in this bundle.

The price scales as your MAU grows above 2M.
Indie Program

Our Indie Program is designed to empower smaller developers with premium functionality without the financial hurdles. Gain access to Pro features, join the community of like-minded developers, and set your game to success. This all for $99, locked-in for one year.

For like-minded ready-to-scale developers.

What's included?

Features overview

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    Real-Time Insights
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    Retention Tracking
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    Remote Configs
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    Instant Funnels
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    Pre-Configured KPIs
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    30+ Integrations
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    Custom Event Types
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    Powerful Filtering
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    Unlimited Games
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    Custom Dashboards
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    A/B Testing
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    Unlimited Users
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    Everything in Core

    Continue to enjoy all the essential features of the Free tier.

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    Market Benchmarks

    Validate game success with trends for KPIs, genres, and platforms from 140K+ real titles.

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    Engagement Tracing

    Delve into nuanced player behavior patterns with our sophisticated engagement tracing toolkit.

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    Store Intelligence

    Top charts and performance histories for all games on the app stores.

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    Scheduled Reporting

    Automate the delivery of critical metrics directly to your inbox or other preferred destination.

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    Enhanced Health Monitoring

    Navigate through technical snags swiftly with our upgraded Health Monitoring feature.

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    Portfolio Overview

    Consolidate the performance analytics of your entire game suite into a single, intuitive dashboard.

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    Metrics API

    Unlimited access to our powerful API enabling you to GET data from GameAnalytics in your own tools or systems.

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    Organization API

    Keep your games, studios and users up to date with programmatic updates to your GameAnalytics Organization.

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    Everything in Pro

    Advanced analytics for developers with bespoke needs.

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    Event-Level Insights

    Dive into detailed event-level data for nuanced insights.

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    Full Data Control

    Gain full control of your data processing for ultimate flexibility.

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    Batch & Stream

    Run your data processing in both batch and streaming modes.

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    Query-Ready Data

    Instantly query your pre-processed data with familiar commands.

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    Deep SQL Analytics

    Execute complex SQL queries for deep, customized insights.

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    Quick Sync to AWS

    Integrate with AWS S3 in days, not months.

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    Easy Tool Connect

    Connect effortlessly with third-party tools or your own data lake.

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    Unified Data Source

    Centralize data from multiple sources for broader analysis.

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    Flexible JSON

    Get your data without schema restrictions for complete flexibility.

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    Historical Access

    Access 1-year of player level data and download freely.

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