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Looking East: How To Launch Mobile Games In China

China is the biggest mobile gaming market on the planet. It's also one of the most challenging markets for Western developers to enter, and the process of localizing and launching a game in China shouldn't be taken lightly. This free ebook will explain how to make, localize, and launch mobile games in China.

Getting To Know China

We separate the facts and fiction about launching mobile games in China, help you to understand the best practices, and provide useful tips to help ensure your success.

Insights Into Chinese Gamers

We gathered data from more than 47,000 games on the Chinese App store across more than 8.3 billion events generated by 72 million Chinese players, and are passing the insights onto you.

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Inside This Free eBook...

We've performed a deep dive analysis into Chinese games, publishers, and gamers to bring you in-depth insights on their behaviors and preferences. We provide tips and tricks to help ensure your success in China, from localization to publishing, marketing, and measuring performance.


  • 01  Facts And Fiction About Launching Mobile Games In China
  • 02  8 Useful Tips For Success In China
  • 03  Successfully Localizing Your Game
  • 04  Publishing Your Game In China
  • 05  Case Study: How Featherweight Games Released Rodeo Stampede In China
  • 06  Marketing Your Game
  • 07  ASO And SEO For Chinese Markets
  • 08  Measuring The Performance Of Your Game
  • 09  How To Monetize Your Games
  • 10  Insights Into Chinese Gamers

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