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When you're in the business of launching games, data is at the heart of what you do. Whether you're optimizing gameplay or forecasting revenue, having trustworthy and secure data is critical.

At GameAnalytics, we're committed to earning the trust of both your team and your players. We do this by ensuring the highest levels of privacy, security, and compliance for your data. Our aim is to help you navigate the complexities of an ever-changing privacy regulatory landscape, including GDPR, CCPA, and PIPL, as well as adapt to platform changes like ATT and Privacy Sandbox.

1. Compliance & Security

Rest assured that your player data is handled with utmost care. We adhere to third-party assessed privacy standards and regulations.

2. Zero Ads Targeting

We hold your data in high regard and never use it to create advertizing profiles, it's exclusively used for analytics and insights.

3. No Personal Data Sales

Your trust is crucial to us, and part of that trust means we will never sell personal data to third parties, no exceptions.

4. Absolute Transparency

We value open communication, which is why our terms, policies, and practices are available for your review anytime.

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Compliance & Transparency

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be complicated. We make it simpler for you:

  • GDPR-Compliant Data Flows and Processing Agreements
  • Clear Guidelines for App Store Compliance
  • Robust Data Governance Programs
Compliance Initiatives

Privacy Commitment

Privacy isn't just a checkbox for us; it's part of our DNA:

  • Secure Data Retention and Disposal Procedures
  • Premium Customer Support for Privacy-Related Inquiries
  • Third-Party Accredited Privacy Reviews
  • ePrivacy and COPPA Certified
Privacy Policies

Security First

From multi-layered encryption to firewall protections, we ensure your data is uncompromised:

  • SOC2 Type II Compliant and ISO27001 Certified
  • Regular Penetration Testing
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Plans
  • Robust Intrusion Detection and Infrastructure Monitoring
Security Measures

We're Just an Email Away

We value the urgency of your queries. Email our Privacy & Compliance Team directly and expect a response in a timely manner—no bots, no prolonged waiting, because we understand the importance of your data.

We are committed to continually earning your trust through every interaction and data point.

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ISO 27001 certification SOC2 Type 2 certification KidSAFE COPPA certification ePrivacy certification