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Chay Hunter

Marketing Director at GameAnalytics.

Time-Saving Tools For Mobile Game Developers

From Advertising & Monetization tools, through to Sound & Audio apps, we review what the best resources are for any developer looking to perfect their game.

14 Best Hyper-casual Gameplay Mechanics

Learn about the most common building blocks in hyper-casual gaming, and how short, simple and satisfying they each are.


Lessons from the 9 Best Mobile Games of 2019: Part Three

Simplicity is key. So learn from the best mobile games of 2019. The third of our three-part series, focused on games with a multiplayer angle.

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5 Key Takeaways From Our H1 2019 Mobile Benchmarks Report

Our most recent report is out, now with 1.2 billion monthly players and nearly 100K mobile games studied. Read on to find out what the top 5 takeaways were for H1 2019...

Mobvista Financial Report Shows 65% Profit Increase in H1 2019

But how exactly did Mobvista achieve such a big increase in their profits? The answer: better programmatic advertising.

How AI Could Change The Way We Build Video And Mobile Games

Now seen in our homes in the shape of Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, it's easy to say that AI has come a long way. But how is it affecting the games industry? And what can we expect to see in the future?

Deconstructing Meta Features In Social Casino Games (With Examples)

We dig deep into what makes a great social casino game, and find out how studying this genres' meta features can improve your titles retention.

6 Ad Creative Strategies To Nail Your User Acquisition

With the gaming market getting even more competitive, how can you make sure your mobile ad creative stands out from the crowd?

A Behavioural Analysis of Chinese Mobile Gamers

We analyze the behaviour of 72 million Chinese gamers across 47,000 different games available on the Chinese app store, sharing engagement and monetization insights for the world's largest mobile gaming community.

Black Snowflake Games Interview

The Viral Potential Of HTML5 Games – Black Snowflake Interview

Filipp Karmanov is the CEO and Founder of Black Snowflake Games. He developed his first mobile game back in 2007, but growth really picked up after 2013 when he decided to focus on HTML5 games.

An interview with Voodoo games

Breaking into Mobile Games Publishing: An Interview with Voodoo

In this interview we speak with one of Voodoo’s Publishing Managers, Hugo Peyron, to find out how they grew from a small studio of two engineers into a game publishing powerhouse with successive smash hits on the appstores.

Adobe Air

GameAnalytics Now Available for Games Built with Adobe Air

We’re pleased to announce another integration that brings GameAnalytics to even more developers. If you’re building games with the Adobe…