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Chay Hunter

Marketing Director at GameAnalytics.

Lumberyard SDK

GameAnalytics Now Available with Amazon Lumberyard

Starting today, you can easily integrate GameAnalytics with Lumberyard, the AAA game engine recently launched by Amazon Web Services. Developers…

Monetization Mobile Game

10 Monetization Tips for Mobile Games in 2017

Speak to anyone in the mobile gaming industry and the topic of conversation will always turn to one thing: monetization. Who…

Common GameAnalytics Questions

6 Game Analytics Questions: Answered by Data Scientists

We've responded to more than 6000 questions from your inquiring minds. Hats off to our fantastic support team. In this post, we've answered 6 questions that are most often sent our way. Hopefully you find this useful!

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We’ve Partnered with Marmalade

Technical Update: As of March 2017, Marmalade will cease production and support of the Marmalade Game Platform, and instead focus on creating games.…

We’ve partnered with Fabric!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Fabric, to help developers build and scale their games. Over the next…

How To Create Immersive Game Intros

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but your game’s intro can make or break its retention. Let's look at how to create compelling openings to enrapture your audience.

Introducing Clustering IV: The Case of Tera Online

Anders Drachen, Christian Bauckhage and Rafet Sifa provide a couple of examples showing how cluster analysis operates in practice on…

Unleash the Power of Events to Drive Revenue in Games

Xing Wang gives game designers some insight on how to effectively leverage events in their games.

Let’s Meet and Join Us at GDC 2014!

Introducing Allison Bilas and inviting you to connect with her and Matthias F. Hansen at GDC 2014!

Navigating the hazards of game data

Effective data capture is vital to delivering games as a service. The trouble is how do we know what the…

Video: Introducing Custom Dashboards and Widgets

Get more out of GameAnalytics with these awesome new features that Kristoffer, our product designer, will walk you through.

Want to meet at Gamescom?

Since not everyone is going to The United States in the upcoming month, we're also going to be present at…