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mobile gaming shipping cover
7 min read
#Guest posts

Ship fast without regret: lessons from 15 years in mobile gaming

One of the biggest mistakes a studio or developer can make is failing to plan ahead. Teemu Haila, Co-Founder & CPO at Metaplay, talks about how launching a game with a short-term mindset can be detrimental to its long-term success and cause avoidable headaches further down the line.
Dialogue Trees Cover
14 min read

How to write perfect dialogue trees for games

One of the key times players get to make a choice is during dialogue. But how exactly do you create and plan all those branching paths?
User Acquisition cover image
9 min read
#Guest posts

User Acquisition – The New Frontier of Game Development

Is mobile F2P dead? No, not quite. But things are changing. In this article, Matej Lancaric addresses the current mobile market, with tips on how to get your games to the top of the app stores.
2 min read

Join us at Nordic Game 2023!

We're delighted to let you know that we'll be at Nordic Game 2023. Come find us to discover all the enhancements and updates to GameAnalytics.
2 min read
#Product updates

Raw data now available in real-time!

Tap into our newly enhanced Raw Export feature for instant access to your event level game data, delivered directly into your own managed S3 bucket for custom analysis.
Inclusivity in Games
11 min read

How to make your game more diverse and inclusive

How can you make your game more diverse, accessible, and inclusive? It's not only a great thing to do, but it can also open up your game to a larger audience. Here's our guide on how you can make more inclusive and diverse games.
2 min read
#Guest posts

MY.GAMES Game Drive Accelerator: 2023 Gaming Trends Webinar

GameAnalytics partners with MY.GAMES in their innovative Game Drive Business Accelerator program. Join the first AMA session on May 11, featuring industry experts discussing the latest mobile gaming trends and audience insights for 2023.
Resolution Games Cover
8 min read

Why Resolution Games believes mixed reality is a new frontier

Augmented and virtual reality are steadily on the rise. And game developers are now seeing an opportunity to branch out and create mixed-reality experiences. We speak with one of the key players in the space, Resolution Games, to get their advice on breaking into the sector.
Anime Dimensions Cover Image
7 min read

Making the leap from 100 players to 10 million

Anime Dimensions had Roblox’s best-rated launch in the platform’s history. We spoke to the founder and key developer of Albatross Games to discover how they managed to make such a monumental leap in just 60 days.
Frozen City Cover Image
16 min read
#Guest posts

Frozen City post-IDFA global launch UA case study

In this case study, Matej Lancaric deconstructs Frozen City from Century Games, to find out how they went from $1 million a month in 2020, to $20 million a month today.
13 min read
#Guest posts

Marvel Snap, Marvel Contest, CoD Mobile: What makes them a mass market hit?

What does the stellar mass market success of games like Marvel Snap, Marvel Contest of Champions and CoD Mobile share in common? No, it’s not just that they are all popular IP/Franchises. Find out in this guest post from Om Tandon – industry specialist, game consultant and UX Director.
Translation article
6 min read

Translating games: tips and best practices

Want to reach entirely new audiences and increase player engagement globally? Then let people play your game in their native language, but don’t fall into the pitfall of bad translation. Here are some examples and best practices for translating a mobile game.
1 min read

Meet with us at GDC 2023!

Heading to San Fran once again for the industry's premier gaming event? Well then, great news! Our team will be at the conference to discuss the latest at GameAnalytics. If you’re interested in finding out more about the latest GameAnalytics platform developments, then book a chat with us today.

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