GDC, PGC and now Casual Connect. This year has been filled to the brim with game dev industry events, and we’re just getting started.

If you’re new to the industry, then this event is definitely one you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a publisher, a developer or an avid gamer, there’s sure to be something for everyone, but here’s our list of top talks you should check out when you pop in on Casual Connect Europe this year.

1. Fireside chat — “Live Publishing”: Scaling Free-to-Play Mobile Games Years After Launch

When: 28th May 2019, 10:30am — The Abbey Room

Speakers: Asi Burak, VP of Business Development at Tilting Point; Louisa Gallie, Chief Creative Officer at Hunted Cow Studios; Alexander Winn, Founder & CEO at Edgeworks Entertainment

Settle down for a special fireside chat as three key panelists gather to discuss the qualities that guarantee a F2P game will have a lasting impact beyond launch date. If you’re a publisher who’s keen to produce a title that will be remembered for years to come, you really can’t miss this one. Learn how to cope with the pressures that come from this increasingly competitive market…

2. Soft Launch Planning and Management

When: 28th May 2019, 11am — The Abbey Room

Speaker: Dylan Tredrea, Head of Publishing at ZeptoLab

Are you planning a soft launch? Pause right there and wait till you hear from Dylan, as he walks you through the steps needed for an effective soft-launch campaign, including management strategies and testing methods. It’s all about getting your title off to the best start – if that topic piques your interest, we’ve also covered it here in our own Guide To Soft-Launching Your Mobile Game.

3. 10 Years of Angry Birds

When: 28th May 2019, 11:30am — The Abbey Room

Speaker: Stephen Porter, Marketing Director at Rovio Entertainment

When it comes to the dawn of modern mobile gaming, which one came first: the chicken or the egg? All we know is there were some very Angry Birds involved (see what we did there?). Take a trip back in time to one of the early milestones in mobile gaming – join Rovio Entertainment’s Stephen Porter, as he charts how Angry Birds took flight, becoming a rip-roaring mobile gaming success. See how this popular franchise broke the mold and went on to influence the mobile market, a decade after launch.

4. Panel Session — Publishers Ask Me Anything

When: 28th May 2019, 1pm — The Abbey Room

Speakers: Allison Bilas, COO of JoyPac; Stephen Lee, Head of Business Development at DECA Games; Saad Khan, Head of Corporate Development at Tilting Point; Anh Luong, Head of Business Development at Miniclip; (Moderated by Yuliya Moshkaryova, Director of the Indie Prize)

We’re sure you’ll be bursting with questions to ask at this special ask-me-anything panel – so definitely take the opportunity to have your voice heard by posing those burning questions that you’ve been meaning to ask for ages to this Publishers panel. There’s really no better time to get the conversation going and shape the debate at Casual Connect Europe 2019. Don’t be shy – this panel benefits from as much input as possible.

5. 1 Million Years of Audience Watch Time

When: 28th May 2019, 1:30pm — The Abbey Room

Speaker: James Beaven, Co-Founder & Director at Keymailer

When Keymailer was launched 3 years ago, its goal was simple — to help budding social media influencers and publishers join forces to launch the profile of games into the stratosphere. Join James as he breaks down his key findings, having launched several thousand individual titles. If you’re curious about how to launch your own projects any time soon, make sure you’re here.

6. Publisher Pitch

When: 28th May 2019, 3pm – The Abbey Room

Speakers: Numerous (see list below) – Moderated by Yuliya Moshkayova, Director of the Indie Prize

Brace yourselves — this year’s Publisher Pitch is overflowing with networking opportunities this year. The format allows developers and publishers to connect while the speakers deliver a 2-minute pitch each. It’s a hive of activity, and you’re bound to come out of it with something new. Here’s the full list of people you can expect to hear at this year’s event:

  • Joseph Knowles, Director of Communications at Hatch Entertainment
  • Noam Kagan, Managing Director at Deemedya
  • Wandrille Pruvot, CEO at XTR4L1F3
  • Allison Bilas, COO at JoyPac (They help Western devs publish in China)
  • Pawel Owczynski, Business Developer at BoomBit
  • Eyad Al Basheer, COO at Tamatem Inc
  • Ilya Eremeev, Executive Producer at Games Ventures
  • Asi Burak, SVP of Business Development at Tilting Point
  • Anh Luong, Head of Business Development at Miniclip
  • Alok Kejriwal, CEO & Co-Founder at Games2win India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Stephen Lee, Head of Business Development at DECA Games
  • Tamara Feiman, Business Development Manager at Gismart
  • Sofia Sellami, UA Manager at PlayStack
  • Olivier Le Bas, VP of Business Development at Homa Games
  • Jack Griffin, Publishing Manager at Kwalee

7. Xplore China: Advice From Industry Experts on Tackling the East

When: 29th May, 3pm – 6:30pm – Windsor Room

Speakers: Daryl Gordon, Head of Sales at Mobvista; Ioana Hreninciuc, CEO at GameAnalytics; Nejc Babic, Head of distribution at Outfit7; Faye Shang, Brand Partnership Manager at TikTok; Leticia Ye, Associate Director of BD-EMEA at Mobvista.

Now, this isn’t specifically a talk or relates to publishers. But, Mobvista has organized their own event, free for all developers, studios, and publishers who are attending Casual Connect Europe 2019, which we think you should definitely check out. They’ve invited leading experts in the industry, including TikTok, Outfit7 and of course, GameAnalytics, to discuss best practices when launching your game in the East.

You can register for their free event here.

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Meet our team next week

If you have some spare time between talks, don’t miss out on a chance to catch GameAnalytics at this year’s event – some of our core team will be there in person, seeing what it has to offer (including myself).

And if you’re looking for some specific advice or information from any of our members who are there on the day (listed below), feel free to drop us a message and book a one-to-one with them.

Ioana Hreninciuc — CEO

Take the opportunity to go straight to the top, and meet our very own CEO, Ioana. If you’re looking for someone to discuss upcoming products and releases, look no further. Drop her a message or find her on the day.

Iván Bravo — Customer Operations Director

Fresh out of having delivered my own talk at PGC Seattle 2019, I’ll be free to chat to attendees for the whole duration of this event – feel free to drop me a message and say hello if you have anything to ask, especially regarding the latest trends, products in the pipeline, as well as strategies for publishers.

Dev Jadav — Developer Relations Manager

Having also been on-hand representing us at PGC 2019, Dev is available to chat at any time – his everyday work revolves around building and maintaining close relationships with publishers, so he’s very approachable – don’t pass up the chance to chat if you would like a catch up on what’s to come for publishers in 2019.

Renato Gallo — Developer Relations Associate

Renato knows the lie of the land in the gaming world, and what metrics to depend on in order to beat the competition. He’s also an avid gamer and knows a great deal about the way studios work. If you’re a studio looking for an expert’s angle on the markets or simply how to manage your partnerships with developers, get in touch with Renato.

Chay Hunter — Marketing Director

If forging partnerships is at the front of your mind, Chay is the guy to turn to. Make connections and find the right ways to click with prospective collaborators, by booking a meeting with Chay at this year’s Casual Connect Europe 2019.

Sarah Impey — Content Marketing Manager

Whether you want to learn about promotion partnership opportunities, if you’re down for an interview with GameAnalytics for a future article, or you’re scouting other opportunities to feature on the GameAnalytics blog, drop her a line.

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