Chay Hunter

Head of Marketing at GameAnalytics.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Fabric, to help developers build and scale their games.

Over the next few months, we’ll be working closely together with the Fabric team, to bring the power of GameAnalytics onto their platform.

Our goal with partnering with Fabric is to completely streamline the work involved with building with our SDK, ultimately making your lives easier. We highly encourage you to explore and manage GameAnalytics SDK through Fabric.

“We’re excited to partner with these world-class services to help developers build amazing apps with Fabric. Twitter Fabric is trusted by developers worldwide to help them build and grow their apps and we’re looking forward to having these partners be part of the platform.”
– Rich Paret, GM Developer Platform, Twitter

Both GameAnalytics and Fabric was built with ease of use in mind, and we’ll be working hard to make the integration as seamless as possible.

Benefits to highlight:

  • Access and install our SDK with other best-in-class SDKs readily accessible in one central place (i.e. Crashlytics, MoPub).
  • We’ll guide you on the setup process right within the Fabric Mac app or Android IDE plugins so you don’t have to leave your existing workflow.
  • Upgrade our SDK to its latest version in just one click.
  • Fabric supports popular dependency managers for both iOS and Android. You spend less time managing your SDKs and more time building your app.

We’re very excited to work closely with the Fabric team to roll out our own SDK on Fabric in the coming months, so stay tuned for more!

For additional information about the partnership please visit the Fabric blog.

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Chay Hunter

Head of Marketing at GameAnalytics.

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