It has been over six months since GameAnalytics launched and took on the mission to offer a ‘democratic‘ solution for analytics in game development. Now the tool supports almost 4,000 games, and tracks more than 30 million new players each month. This is a clear indicator that we are slowly, but surely, going forward.

Today marks yet another milestone for this mission, as we are proud to announce that GameAnalytics is now an Official Unity Asset Store Partner! This partnership is meant to make the gap between game engine and analytics platform even smaller for Unity developers.

“GameAnalytics has been committed to bringing analytics to the Unity community from the day they started the company,” stated David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies. “Analytics is an important part of launching a successful game and with GameAnalytics working with us in the Unity Asset Store Online Services Program, that will be easier than ever for development studios of all sizes.”

If you are still wondering what the powerful Unity-GameAnalytics combo can bring to your game, you should read the interview with Roadhouse Interactive, a game development studio which made extensive use of both Unity and GameAnalytics. In the interview, which is featured on the Unity blog, the CEO of Roadhouse, James Hursthouse, explains: “For us, the deep integration between GameAnalytics and Unity meant that we were up and running with 45+ important metrics in a few hours of development time.”

Read the full interview by clicking on the image below:

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