We’re excited to announce the upcoming releases of not one, but two new features! Remote Configs and A/B Testing. Tools that will help you control your game from within GameAnalytics and find the best version of your title, without having to update a single line of code on the App stores.

Remote Configs will be available to everyone in November 2019, replacing the current Command Center Configs feature. If you currently use this feature, then please read all of this update, as we have some important news for you.

As for our second feature, A/B Testing, you’ll only be able to use this as an early access program. We’ll let you know when we plan on launching the full version and pricing, but for now, you can apply for the early access here.

A/B Testing Early Access

Both features will have a brand new, more intuitive, and visually stunning UI. And we can’t wait to get them into your hands to hear your feedback.

That’s pretty much all the news we have for you at the moment. If you’re interested in finding out more and applying for A/B Testing early access (which we highly recommend), or are using the current Command Center Configs, then read on.

Remote Configs

If you didn’t know already, a Remote Config is essentially a game variable in the form of a key-value pair. Once you’ve initialized the GameAnalytics SDK, then your player’s device will update with that key-value pair.

These ‘configs’ can be altered and defined in the GameAnalytics UI, where changes get distributed to all players almost instantly. This can be used for many things, like triggering campaigns, or even changing the price of an item. All of this in real-time, without having to update a single line of code on the App stores, which also means no update needed from any of your players.

Just to be clear, Remote Configs will replace our existing feature, Command Center Configs. Here are the improvements we’ve made:

  • 10 active configs per game.
  • New UI, making it easier to create and manage your configs.
  • Reduction in data transfer between players devices and GameAnalytics’ servers.

What if I currently use Command Center Configs?

When we release Remote Configs we’ll also share the updated SDKs and a detailed migration guide. This will walk you through step by step and how to get set up.

We’ll be keeping Command Center Configs live for 3 months, just so you have enough time to make sure all of your games are correctly using our new feature. Our support team will also be available to help you through the setup process, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

A/B Testing Early Access

Analytics and A/B testing go together like Link and the master sword. As soon as you combine them, you can bring your A-game to the party. Which is exactly why we’ve prioritized this feature over the last year.

With GameAnalytics A/B Testing, you’ll be able to send variations of a Remote Config (key/value pairs) to your chosen amount of New Users. And with our new tools within this feature, you’ll also be able to compare each variation to find out which one gives you the best result for your chosen test. That could be increasing day-seven retention, average playtime per user, and many more metrics.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been building. If you consider yourself an innovative studio or publisher, don’t hesitate to apply for early access here. If you are accepted into the program, not only will you get a discount on our subscription pricing when we have a public release and access to our latest feature, but you’ll help shape the tool to meet your A/B testing needs!

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