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Over 35 Sub-Genres Now in Benchmarks+

We've released a granular classification of gaming genres to Benchmarks+. Get precise data for more than 35 different types and classes of games.

You asked, we listened. We’ve introduced sub-genres to our mobile market intelligence platform, Benchmarks+. These sub-genres offer more granular filtering options, for more specific gaming insights.

So far, this has been one of the most requested features for Benchmarks+ so we’re thrilled it’s now live. We hope this helps to supercharge your game research and analysis.

Subgenres Benchmarks Chart

Why did we introduce sub-genres?

The standard gaming categories on the App Store are broad and often misleading, especially when you consider the growing diversity of the mobile gaming market. Over the past couple of years, we’ve had hundreds of game developers reaching out to us, asking for more detailed insights about their particular genre niche. Simply said, the standard App Store genres are just too vague to be helpful for providing this level of detail.

That’s why we’ve released our own taxonomy. So far, we’ve already categorized tens of thousands of games on our network with this improved classification model – one that’s flexible and can easily evolve with the industry. So stay tuned, because we’re just getting started.

What’s included?

More than 35 sub-genres in total, everything from ‘hyper-casual’ to ‘MMORPG’. There’s more to come, but here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can find right now:

3 primary classes of mobile games:

  1. Hyper-casual
  2. Casual
  3. Mid-core

38 sub-genres in 11 main genre groupings

How it works

They work as filters, inside a dedicated sub-genre selector tab – a convenient home for loads of sub-genres, right next to the standard App Store categories. If you switch between these groupings, you’ll see the data change – that’s because the sample of gaming titles is altered and the aggregated data is recalculated with more specific definitions.

So, with all the announcements and background out of the way, let us show you how to start filtering Benchmarks+ insights data by these new sub-genres.

1. Log in to your Benchmarks+ account (or sign up for free).

2. Click on any game metric on the left menu. For example, ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User) in Monetization.

3. Then look on the right-hand side, next to the App Store section. This is where you’ll find the sub-genres selector. Go ahead and click on it.

Subgenres Benchmarks Chart

4. Now you should see a list of all sub-genres, divided into 11 genres and 3 major classes. If you’re a Premium user, you can click or unclick any sub-genre to filter your data.

5. Let’s try. Click ‘Deselect all’ at the bottom, and then click on a chosen sub-genre.

6. You can now see precise numbers for your sub-genre on your left. Go and get your insights.

What’s coming

Benchmarks+ is growing and there’s more to come. Here are the things we’re working on:

  • Adding a region filter for S/E Asia
  • Adding even more metrics
  • And more sub-genres to come. Stay tuned!

Let your voice be heard. Vote for features you’d like us to work on next.

Get started today

Kudos for getting to this point. You’re now well equipped to get started. And in case you missed the previous announcement, we’ve recently opened Benchmarks+ for all, so you can sign up for a free tier (or log in here). Enjoy playing with the mobile gaming industry’s data. Cheers!

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