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#Business & publishing

Announcing HyperBid, Your New Gaming Mediation Platform

There’s a new mediation platform on the block. But this time, it’s been built specifically for mobile games. It’s called HyperBid. And it’s in Open Beta. We’re offering free access to multiple GameAnalytics products, as well as a starter bonus from HyperBid, to all early sign ups for the Beta. Our crew here at GameAnalytics have lent a helping hand with building this new tool. But to get the full rundown of this new tool, we’ve chatted to Ahmet Genc, HyperBid’s Business Director, to learn more. What is HyperBid? Before we start, we wanted to let you know that HyperBid is now in open-beta, and they’re taking on early sign ups. And like we said, there are a bunch of goodies up for grab for those early adopters. “It’s your new mobile-games mediation platform. We’ve worked with the GameAnalytics team,...
3 min read

Introducing Raw Export – A New DataSuite from GameAnalytics

Update: DataSuite features are now available in a single, affordable, bundle. Find out how to save on your data processing costs for games here. We’re all about the analytics (there’s a clue in our name), and using them to help you grow your games. And we’re always looking for ways to make data work even harder for you. So we’ve added a new service to our already-impressive roster – Raw Export. Here’s how it can help you turn your data into action. Dive even deeper With Raw Export you can automatically export all your games’ raw event data in JSON format, without any manual intervention. So every day it’ll ingest, preprocess, and deliver player data from your GameAnalytics account straight into your AWS S3 account. It even packages it into a neat and tidy compressed file containing unchanged raw events...
Growth Fullstack by GameAnalytics & Tenjin
4 min read
#Product updates

Say Hello to Growth Fullstack : A New ETL Service to Bring Your Data Together

Roll out the carpets and call the paparazzi. We have a big announcement we can’t wait to share with you. We’ve teamed up with Tenjin and launched Growth Fullstack – a new ETL tool that’ll help bring your marketing and product data together. So you can now get more granular insights about your players, and improve your advertising and performance campaigns. Growth Fullstack will help you overcome new challenges in the mobile marketing world. How? By turning your data into insights. Here’s everything you need to know. What exactly is Growth Fullstack? A lot of developers use analytics (so GameAnalytics, in this instance). And a lot of those same customers use attribution (let’s say Tenjin). But at the moment, there’s a wall between these services. With data working in parallel, but not together. That’s where Growth Fullstack comes in. It’s...
3 min read

Introducing GameIntel: Your Industry Source of Truth

Raise the curtain and turn on the spotlight, because we’ve got an exciting new tool for you. It’s called GameIntel. And it’s here to bring accurate game-industry insights to developers of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re a small indie outfit, or a serial top-ranking publisher. With GameIntel, you’ll be able to follow market trends in real-time, see which games have the best performance indicators, and supercharge your game research and ideation. What’s more, you’ll also have access to the popular Benchmarks+ service included within your GameIntel account. You can try it out for free here or read on to learn more (including how to claim a special discount — up to 40% off 12 months access to GameIntel). Details below. Why did we build GameIntel? Most mobile intelligence tools cost a small fortune. With GameIntel, you now have an...
GameAnalytics partners with Huawei
4 min read
#Product updates

We’ve Partnered with Huawei and Added Support for OAID

We’ve got some big news for you Huawei developers out there. We’ve now partnered with Huawei and joined their mobile services ecosystem as an official Platform Partner. So if you’re making a game on one of their devices, then we’re thrilled to say that you now have access to free analytics. Huawei is currently the 3rd largest ecosystem worldwide reaching more than 2.3M developers and 530 million AppGallery monthly active users globally. That’s a big chunk of the game dev community. So it only made sense we made Huawei our next official partner. If you’re one of Huawei game devs, make sure you download our latest SDK that now supports OAID (Open Advertising Identifier for Huawei devices). Read on to get more details. What’s changed So, what’s exactly new? Let’s break it down: GameAnalytics joins Huawei Developer Ecosystem as an...
3 min read
#Data & insights

Over 35 Sub-Genres Now in Benchmarks+

You asked, we listened. We’ve introduced sub-genres to our mobile market intelligence platform, Benchmarks+. These sub-genres offer more granular filtering options, for more specific gaming insights. So far, this has been one of the most requested features for Benchmarks+ so we’re thrilled it’s now live. We hope this helps to supercharge your game research and analysis. Why did we introduce sub-genres? The standard gaming categories on the App Store are broad and often misleading, especially when you consider the growing diversity of the mobile gaming market. Over the past couple of years, we’ve had hundreds of game developers reaching out to us, asking for more detailed insights about their particular genre niche. Simply said, the standard App Store genres are just too vague to be helpful for providing this level of detail. That’s why we’ve released our own taxonomy. So...
Covid-19 Webinar Cover
6 min read

Lessons from Lockdown: Making Casual Games in a Covid-19 World

In September we ran the first webinar in our Toolbox series: making casual games in a Covid-19 world. Joined by our friends at Adjust and TopOn, we covered what we’ve spotted, how to grow your casual game and how to advertise during the pandemic. Don’t worry if you missed it. You can catch the recordings and read up on the talks in this blog. It’s been an odd few months. Over that time, we’ve noticed a dramatic shift in the gaming industry: we’ve never seen so much playtime, traffic is at an all-time high and some countries have really surprised us. So we thought it’d be worth sharing the key metrics and banding together with Adjust and TopOn to give you some advice on how to make sure it’s your game beneath those idle thumbs. The webinar had three main...
4 min read

Will GameAnalytics work in iOS 14? Yes, and this is why

In Apple’s most recent WWDC privacy was a key topic. One of the big reveals in this area was that come September, when iOS 14 is released, users will be asked if they would like to allow or restrict data sharing per app. After this, the question on many developers’ minds is… What happens to my analytics? Will my reporting still work or will it be restricted? The answer, for GameAnalytics, is yes! Here is why. All our SDKs are ready for this (and have been for years) GameAnalytics always determines an identifier for each device that is sending data from a game. We call this the GameAnalytics User ID. This value is normally a device identifier (like IDFA on iOS), but when this is not available a random User ID is generated and used on all future data for...
2 min read

Supporting BAME game dev teams with industry insights

A few days ago, we issued a statement mentioning that we are willing to do our part to support the black community, as well as other ethnic minorities. Since then, we’ve been discussing ways to do this, not just now in the short term, but on an ongoing basis. We are a small company, but something we do have plenty of is data and insights. We also have a wonderful community of talented indie game developers from around the world, who are working very hard to get their first hit. Knowing which mechanics, genre, or publisher to pick can make a massive difference in a prototype’s success, and insights are essential to that decision process. We put two and two together and we’ve decided to offer up to 12 months free access to our premium insights service, Benchmarks+, for indie...
8 min read

Mobile playtime increases by 62%, with IAP up by around 30% in Q1

As millions of people work from home or are on furlough, they’ve needed something to pass the time: streaming TV shows, learning instruments and, of course, playing games. At least, that’s the assumption. We dug into our data to find that playtime has soared and people are spending more, but each genre is affected differently. We’ve analyzed our data in two ways 1. Global network analysis Our first approach was to look at the overall data across our network. Over 75,000 developers use GameAnalytics to analyze how gamers are playing. That’s about 40,000 active mobile games, all in all, including 40 of the top 100 most downloaded games on the app stores. By combining all this data, we can see how more than a third of the world’s mobile players are behaving. Specifically, we analyzed playtime and how much people...
DevDog 2019
2 min read
#Marketing strategy

Up to 1,000 prizes up for grabs with Devdog’s 2019 Christmas giveaway 

After taking a break from elf duties last year, we decided to join forces with Devdog again, and co-organize the fourth edition of the largest daily Christmas Giveaway for the Unity game dev community. This year, there are over 60 sponsors and 1,100 gifts to giveaway, adding up to a prize pool of $60,000+. What’s best, it’s completely free to enter. Simply sign up to Devdog’s newsletter list, and wait and see! Here are just a couple of the prizes you can win: Games industry conference tickets (Nordic Game Jam, for example) Unity Store assets (such as Bolt, NG Tools Pro, Corgi Engine, Odin etc) And much more… So far, developers have won over 200+ prizes from partners like Kronnect, Gamemaster Audio, Ludiq, Code Stage, and RPGWHITELOCK, with a lot more coming over the next few weeks. Don’t miss out,...
Ivan at Making Hit Idle Games
6 min read
#Analytics tips

Hyper-Casual vs Idle: The Latest Trends in Mobile Games   

Back in October, we held our second Making Hit Casual Games event, this time focusing on idle games. As usual, we invited the best minds within this particular genre, and was joined by idle experts Homa Games and Kolibri Games. If you would like to see what expert advice they shared, you can find a copy of their decks and recordings here. But for this post, we’ll be digging into our very own session ‘The Latest Trends for Idle Games”, while seeing how idle particularly compares to the hyper-casual genre. Here’s a copy of the recording, if you’d prefer to watch instead. A bit about our data We featured a heck of a lot of insights in this talk, with aggregated data from over 1.2 billion monthly players, across 80K games from Q3 2018 through to Q2 2019. For this...
4 min read
#Analytics tips

Introducing Benchmarks+, Mobile Gaming Intelligence from 1.2b Monthly Players

On November 21st, we launched our new, much anticipated and requested, mobile gaming intelligence platform called Benchmarks+. For years studio heads, publishers, and investors have asked us about market trends and KPI changes. Now finally there’s an easy way to learn how the performance of top games is changing, without having to spend 8 hours in a conference hall. Neat, isn’t it?  😁 To create Benchmarks+ we analyse our entire network of +88,000 mobile games, +45,000 studios, and every month more than 1.2 billion players, 16 billion sessions, and 150 million transactions. It’s not only a very good picture of the mobile gaming industry, it’s the best you can get. This makes Benchmarks+ the largest industry-wide tool to deliver real, accurate insights on KPIs like retention, session length, ARPPU, and ARPDAU, and a level of unprecedented insight into each app store...

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